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Is anybody here?

Hey, I’m going to write this blog regardless, but I just wanted to know if anyone is reading it. It’s more fun to have an audience. Leave me a comment to let you know you visited!

So the last two days have been challenging for me. I ran 2 miles yesterday and I really struggled. Today I ran 3 miles at a little slower pace and did better, but it was still tough. It seemed so easy on Saturday. I really hope I don’t have too many days like this during my training or else this is going to be a very tough journey!

Hopefully more people (or just people) will be visiting soon as I got my letters in the mail today. Well I dropped them off at the LLS office and they got them in the mail… or maybe it will be tomorrow. Either way, I’m almost done with my initial fundraising blitz. I hope it generates some donations for this great cause!!

I think Wednesday I might just do an easy walk. I don’t think I’m in good enough shape to be running several days in a row. Of course, I’ll decide thats not good enough and challenge myself to run anyway. Of course, thats a good way to get hurt. I’ll let you know what I decide!

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A day of firsts

So Saturday was my first workout with the team in training and also the day I received my first donation!

I can’t run outside with the group yet because of my asthma. So after the clinic on running apparel I ran on a treadmill inside. I ran 3 miles in 36 minutes before I slowed to walking. Thats longer than I’ve run yet. Three weeks ago was the first time I ran two miles and it was tough… now it hardly phases me. Its just amazing to see this process.

I feel like I can make my body do anything. Its very empowering.

My first donation came from Jan, one of my friends on Yes, I got married last year, but I’ve become good friends with some of the women I’ve met on the community. We are united in our quests to lose weight and overall get healthy. They are great girls.

I am about to send out my donation emails and I’m still hoping to get my letters mailed tomorrow. I’m kind of behind on the letters though. I need to address the envelopes. But they will get done.

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Getting the word out

Tonight I finished my donation page and then I posted some bulletins on myspace, facebook and other online places I go. So I’m starting to get the word out. The fact that I’m telling people besides my husband and my mother now scares me. It took me a week to get this all together and figure out what I’m trying to say. And I wasn’t nervous then. But now that I’m hanging this out there I feel vulnerable. I’m locked in now that other people know about it. I don’t want to give up on this!

So hopefully soon I will be getting some readers. Please donate and read the blog. And make yourself known to me! Like I just said, if others are here to keep me accountable, I won’t have any excuse to back out.

My first workout is tomorrow. Actually today… in less than six hours. I’m not real thrilled about getting out the door at 6:30 am. Especially to exercise!

But thats gotta change now! Anyway, first workout in a few hours. But I won’t actually work out with the team until it gets warmer because I have asthma and I can’t do much outside when its this cold because of it. But we’re having clinics too about different aspects of running. Tomorrow its about buying the right shoes. I’m very interested in this since I have never had a pair of shoes that didn’t give my blisters. After the clinic I think I’ll be free to go and I’ll go straight to the gym where I’ll follow the mileage plan on my own until its warm enough to go outside. I really really want to get outside!

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I was incorrect

So I wrote in my first blog entry that I do not personally know anyone affected by cancer. I meant blood cancer. My grandma on my mom’s side died of cancer when I was still pretty young. And Doug has had skin cancer a few years ago before we started dating. And there may be others I don’t know about. But I just found out last night my family has been affected by blood cancer too. My grandpa on my mom’s side, who died at Christmas time my sophomore year in college, died of myeloma. I had always thought it was something else. So I have been affected by blood cancer.

But in my original post I wasn’t aware of that. So this new knowledge makes me even more determined to reach my goal of running a half marathon and raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

I have finally finished my fundraising letters and pledge cards. I need to assemble my address list and get some envelopes and start working on them. The letters are printed and the date on them is this Monday, so thats my deadline. Then I need to figure out what other strategies to use.

My first group workout for Team in Training is Saturday. I’m not sure how it will go, which is making me a little nervous. Yesterday I decided to run on the treadmill and see how long I could go and I ran 39 minutes almost continuously. I only took two small breaks during that time. And after I stopped running I walked to finish an hour. Total mileage was not quite 4 and a half miles.

But then later in the evening I started feeling really ill. Like I had eaten some bad food. But everything I ate was fine. While it could have been a flu bug, I don’t think it was because it has gone away very quickly. In fact I felt a lot better this morning. I’m thinking I might have actually brought it on myself with my hard workout yesterday. And that makes me wonder how the heck I’m going to run 13.1 miles if I made myself sick running/walking 4. I guess I’ll start learning that on Saturday. My theory is I either drank too much or not enough water or maybe I didn’t eat enough. I don’t know. I still know nothing about how I need to change my routine to become a long-distance runner.

I have tried logging onto the team in training web site and I can’t get onto it. There must be so many people getting started with the summer season that its jammed! I can’t work on my fundraising page either. This is awesome. To have that many people. This is a very far-reaching program. I am so excited to be a part of it.

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Running farther than I ever thought possible

This week I am taking on two new challenges that I never thought I ever would: I am going to run a half marathon in June and I’m going to raise $3,800 to get there.

Yeah, I’m crazy, I know.

I’m running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon June 1 in San Diego as part of the Team in Training, a nationwide fundraising program of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. As of this week I am training for the half marathon and I am committed to raising $3,800, of which 75 percent will go right back into the Society’s mission of finding a cure for blood cancers.

Why am I doing this? Several reasons. Over the last year I have been working to improve my health by exercising more and eating better, thus losing weight. Since last March I have lost 38 pounds. I did this a few years ago but then I gained back most of the weight I lost.

Over the years as I’ve exercised, I’ve gained a bit of an affinity for jogging. I’m not really sure where it came from. Could be just as I got to be a better exerciser, walking was boring, so why not run? Whatever the reason I have become a bit of a runner in recent months.

I started my quest to lose weight for my wedding last year. Of course the overall goal was to continue past my wedding. And I have done that, but sometimes motivation is lacking. I met my first goal a few weeks ago and I had a second one in mind for March, but I have been thinking about my goals beyond that.

Well then I got a pamphlet in the mail about Team in Training. I actually heard about the program about four years ago when I was still in Carbondale. It was during the last time I was in decent shape and losing weight. I decided not to participate at that time because I didn’t know if I could really participate in a marathon, but I was more nervous about raising money.

Well, since that time, my interest in TNT has continued. I would occasionally get mailings or check the web site, but it never seemed to be the right time.

But this time it is. Lately I’ve really been breaking through in my fitness level and ability to exercise more and as I said I’ve been looking for new goals. After I got the pamphlet, I thought “surely I’m not fit enough to do this… maybe I should run a few 5Ks first.”

But then I talked to my husband, Doug, about it, and he really encouraged me. And then later that day I went to work out and had just a really energizing workout and I decided yes, I could take on this challenge.

So now we’re here. As a part of the team in training, I am training for an honored teammate, someone who is dealing with cancer. My honored teammate is Jessie Lindemann, a local woman in remission from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Although she is in remission, she will have to deal with the effects of the illness and the treatment for her whole life. It is for her and others like her that we do what we do.

I do not personally know anyone affected by cancer. But cancer affects everyone, and I’d be kidding myself if I said I don’t think anyone I love will ever get cancer. So I figure, why not train to run 13.1 miles and raise money for an organization I or someone I love may need services of some day?

Won’t you please help me accomplish my goal? You can donate to the society at my personal donation web page:, or you can mail a donation directly to me. Just contact me and I will let you know what to do.

And come back to this blog as I write about my experience of training to run farther than I ever thought possible. Who knows, maybe this will come easily and I’ll jump right from the half marathon into the full! Come along with me on my journey to find out what I’m made of.