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Looking forward to my rest day!

I ran 8 miles today! I keep surprising myself with what I can do. I usually do my long run on Saturdays, but I’m going out of town this weekend so I did my long run today. And this one was so much better than my last one. When I did 7 miles last Saturday I was so fatigued and I was having my blister problems and all that. But today I felt pretty good almost the whole time.

Toward the beginning my legs felt like bricks. I think its because I ran yesterday. I try to skip a day in between runs and definitely before my long run. But I ran through it and then I got this second wind around mile 6.5. And it was easier getting to 6 miles than it has been yet. I can definintely see improvement.

Overall I see myself getting stronger. I like it. But I’m looking forward to my rest day tomorrow, even though I will be sitting in a car for seven hours. Luckily I’m not too sore so I shouldn’t be too uncomfortable sitting that long, and we will be stopping along the way. We’re driving down to Carbondale, but on the way we’re dropping the dog off at my parents’ house and having lunch with my best friend in Champaign.

High temperatures in Carbondale this weekend are supposed to be in the 50s. Maybe even 60. It kinda makes me wish I still lived there… a little. Anyway, I’m looking forward to doing my first outdoor run on Saturday. Hopefully I can do 3 or 4 miles, but I’m not going to hold myself to that just because I haven’t run outside in months so I know it could be tough. If I get up early enough on Sunday I may run outside again!

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Runner’s high?

I am in a GREAT mood today. Since I ran this morning I have just been so happy. I’m sure it has to do with the fact that my feet didn’t get fresh blisters, or my new running clothes, but I’m thinking its also this “runner’s high” I’ve heard about but had yet to experience.

Today is also one of those days when I’m just amazed by what my body can do. I ran 4 miles pretty easily today. I decided to wear shorts for my workout, and while it was somewhat uncomforable, I did notice that I do look a lot thinner than I did even three months ago. My legs are changing, though they are still pretty chunky.

I weighed in at the nutritionist’s office today and my official weight is 175.8, which is 7.6 pounds lighter than I was a month ago.

So I have a lot to be happy about but I think its the runner’s high. Maybe I’ll experience it again tomorrow!

Tomorrow is going to be my long run. I’m going out of town this weekend, hopefully, so I won’t be able to do it on Saturday. I’m shooting for 8 miles. When I got home from my workout today there was nothing that was intimidating me about my long run. But I know that can change. My head can play funny tricks on me. But I just need to avoid thinking about the 8 miles I need to run.

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I’ve logged 79 miles so far

So one month in, I’ve run 79 miles. Some of those were easy, some hard. At this point I am very much undecided about whether I will ultimately enter the full marathon or half marathon. My longest run so far is seven miles.

I have two challenges looming. Well, more than two, but two I’m concentrating on right now. One being figuring out my diet, the other being solving my shoe dilemma.

I’ve been grocery shopping pretty well lately, and my main diet strategy so far is maintaining 180 grams of carbs a day most days, but just letting myself eat on long run days. It’s seemed to work. I’m burning a ton of calories on long run days, heck, I’m burning a lot of calories on shorter run days. My “shorter” runs are 5 miles! I never thought I’d say that! Anyway, I ate what I wanted Saturday and I still weigh the same as I did on Friday. So if I can continue limiting carbs most days I should still lose weight, even though I keep saying I’m going to shift my focus away from weight loss. I can’t help it though. I didn’t realize how much this diet was ingrained in me until I started finding out I’d have to change it.

The shoe challenge may or may not be solved. I am on my second pair of new running shoes. They seemed great until they started blistering my feet last week. I’ve decided now its because I forgot to wear my running socks twice last week, and that started the blisters. During my long run Saturday, the blisters got worse, causing a great deal of pain along with giving my my overdue bad workout. I just hope I don’t keep having bad workouts as I run farther.

I will spare the details on the blisters. Suffice it to say they are both popped and now gone. My feet still hurt because those spots are scabbing over. Since the blisters are gone, I decided to try running in the shoes again today and I did 5 miles fairly easily. So my theory is if I wear my running socks my feet should be fine. But me feet hurt because I’ve been walking funny the last week with the blisters. So my feet hurt now that I’m trying to walk normally again.

Each time its easier to run the miles. Although I have shortened my run/walk intervals from 5/1 to 4/2. I found that as I got farther, I got more fatigued. And I’m not running for time, but rather endurance. So I’d rather walk a little more and be out longer. Hopefully I won’t have to shorten the intervals any more. The new intervals still will get my my goal of getting 4.5 miles each hour, finishing the marathon in under six hours.

I’m hoping to start running outside in the next week or so. Its getting a little milder in the afternoons most days now. By milder I mean temps around 32… but with the sun out it does seem almost pleasant. So I’m going to try to head out and see if I can do it. There’s a 5K race that was supposed to be two weeks ago, but it was canceled because of snow. The group was going to run in that race, which is rescheduled in two weeks. I’m hoping I can get out with my group for that race, and a few others I’d like to do on my own.

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My "ideal" training mileage

So issues I can’t control still seem to keep me from my ideal training schedule and mileage. I had a great 6-mile run last Saturday, followed by 5 miles Monday. But today I only had time for 3. So I upped my speed a little and finished those 3 about two minutes faster than usual, but I still feel like I failed. It seems like I should be doing so much more than I am! But in reality, I’m still 14 weeks out from my marathon. Its not like its tomorrow. Even though I know that, it doesn’t always help! Keeping the crazy thoughts that run rampant in my head tends to be a big challenge. I know I am doing fine.

The next task I have at hand is tailoring my diet to adequately fuel myself but at the same time not go overboard. I know I need to eat more carbs. But I’ve been limiting them for almost a year… changing my routine seems so tough to me right now. Is this what people who have eating disorders experience?

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Snow snow go away

I have had it with snow. Right now, doing anything outside my house is difficult! The roads are completely ice covered and its SOOO hard to get anywhere. But the main reason I’m tired of it is because I want to go outside! Doug and I both have cabin fever. I want to run outside. The treadmill is getting old. I wish I didn’t have asthma because then I could at least try to run outside. But I think its even a little too cold for the people who can run outside.

This weekend my team in training group is going for an outdoor run, and I can’t go. We have one every other week. I really want to get to know my teammates! I am keeping optimistic that we only have another couple weeks before it gets warm… but the optimism is waning. But I’m really hoping I can get outside for the next group run.

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Going farther

My second try at new shoes was a success! Its quite a relief to not have to worry about that anymore.

Today I ran 6 miles using intervals. I did intervals of 5 minutes running and 1 minute walking, working out to 12:30 per mile. Just 1 minute recovery by walking helped me a lot. Thats how I’m going to train from now on.

My 6-mile time was 75:30. I had run 4.75 miles in 60 minutes. So assuming I get 4.5 or more miles per hour I’ll finish the marathon in under six hours.

Thats a lot of numbers there. My goal for today was going to be 5 miles, but I felt good, so I did 6. Next week will be 7. I’m really pretty surprised that I’m not sore. I feel it in my legs a bit but not like I thought I would. The long run did make my feet hurt, but I think thats just something I’ll have to get used to. I was on my feet running a lot longer than in the past. And its only going to get longer! I just hope I get used to it enough that I can keep it up for six hours.

I would like to do a short run tomorrow, but we’re supposed to get another batch of snow. So I don’t know if I’ll be able to get to the gym. If there’s enough snow, my car can’t make it up the driveway! I really can’t wait for this snow to melt, but there’s so much of it, I wonder if it ever will.

My funds raised are up to $445. I’m feeling pretty good about the fundraising. Not nearly as nervous as I was at the beginning. I need to figure out when to send my training updates/reminder letters. But thats at least a few weeks away.

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Shoe drama

So I chose very poorly when I bought my new running shoes in January. They gave me horrible blisters for a few outings, but that seemed normal (but these blistered on the side of the heel so that was really hard to deal with). I’ve never had a pair of shoes that didn’t give my blisters. But as I kept running, my toes poked holes in the shoe! And my feet hurt after running, more than they should have. Then on Monday they blistered my heel again and I was done. I had these shoes for a month. Talk about a waste of money.

I went to Movin’ Shoes, a local running shoe store, and tried on a bunch of shoes made to compensate for my over-pronator stride, wide feet and low arches. They seemed great as I wore them in the store and as I cross trained on the elliptical machine Tuesday. Definitely better than the shoes I would buy at the mall or Kohl’s. But running Wednesday was a different story. My feet felt like they were sliding around and the shoes just seemed too big.

So Thursday I took them back (another great thing about the specialty store… they’re not satisfied until I’m satisfied!) and tried on even more shoes. About an hour later I had a toss up between two pairs. Monday I had a toss up too, and I guess I chose the wrong one! But nonetheless, I chose a pair today and wrote down the second-place pair in case I need to exchange AGAIN. I’m really hoping not. I’d like to get past the shoe debacle and get back on track with my training.

But I won’t get to try this pair of shoes until Saturday. I’ve been advised to take at least one day off completely from exercising each week, and today, Friday, is it. Hopefully. I really don’t like skipping the gym! But I started strength training this week, too, and I’m a little tender. No doubt I will be tender in the morning (not sore though… I’m not overdoing it). So taking a day off won’t be a bad thing. My first strength training was Tuesday and I ran Wednesday and the results weren’t great… but that was the shoes too.

Hopefully I will take it easy today because I’m tired and drained and I just need to sleep late and chill a bit. My goal for today is to start thank you notes to the wonderful people who have already donated to my cause! I’m up to $370 raised!