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This week has been challenging training-wise. I felt so good after running 3 miles last Saturday like I could just do it again and again. But that hasn’t been the case this week. Monday morning I struggled and logged 2 miles before slowing down. Tuesday I logged 3 but slower and I didn’t feel as good. And today I ran 2 miles again but felt like it was my best workout of the week.

Our training schedule has lower mileage throughout the week, with a couple days we can cross train, take off, or continue running. Saturday is the highest mileage for the week. This Saturday I’m supposed to run 3 to 5 miles. I’d like to be able to get past 3 just to continue progressing, but I don’t know if I can.

I’m finding that I need to eat a little more for breakfast than I usually do. That seemed to do the trick last Saturday and today, the days I had better runs. Now, I’m not one of those skipping breakfast types. I do eat breakfast, although I haven’t always. But for running I guess I need to eat a good breakfast and also eat a little something after. And since I’m counting carbs, I don’t want to eat too many in the morning because then I won’t have any left for the rest of the day.

I just hope I can get past the challenges. Honestly, this week has been frustrating. And its only been a week. Right now I really can’t imagine how I’m going to run a half marathon. Then again, in reality, I know I probably won’t be running the entire thing, but even walking that much will be enormously difficult. But I’m going to keep going. I want to make you all proud.

Between emails and letters I’ve contacted at least 100 people this week. And I contacted more through a listserv I am a part of. But so far, no response. The letters I mailed probably haven’t been received yet, but the emails have. I know its very early in the process, but I can’t help being a little disappointed. Hopefully that will turn around soon. To hear the directors talk, it sounds like a lot of people get a later start than I did. So hopefully that will work to my advantage. I would just hate to make it through the training and then have to drop out because I didn’t raise enough money. I mean, I’m contacting a lot of people.

OK, sorry about that. Geez, it is SO early in the process for me to be thinking this, but I’ve just always been bad with this kind of thing. I’ve never volunteered to raise money for anything. I always dreaded selling Girl Scout cookies, and they practically sell themselves! But I do have a couple more groups I’m going to approach… and I really just need to have a good attitude. But that’s hard for me.

This is all so new to me. In addition to the whole I’ve never raising money for anything, I’ve also never been a part of any kind of organized sport. No teams in high school or extracurricular leagues… no intramurals in college. Nothing. This entire thing is just completely uncharted for me. I’m being honest here… I’M SCARED!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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