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So upon talking with our group’s director, I found out there is a half marathon in San Diego, but its only available to team in training participants. So thats why its not on the marathon web site. And it does have a finish line. But all that thinking this weekend that there wasn’t a half marathon makes me think maybe I could try for the full. I’m talking to my coach about it, like how it would change my training and such.

I’m figuring if I can complete four miles each hour, I’d get done in six and a half hours. The course has a time limit of seven hours. I’m thinking about trying some kind of interval, like running two miles and walking one. Either that or I’ll work on making my walking pace faster and concentrate on walking. But I just walked fast two miles on the treadmill on Saturday and that was almost harder than trying to run two miles! So I don’t know what I’ll end up doing. Anyone reading this? Have an opinion? Let me know!!

So Doug and I are excited about making our travel plans. We are going to extend our trip a few days beyond the marathon. So we spent some time looking at tourism web sites and stuff to research a hotel and figure out what we’d like to do and what would be a cost-effective way to do all that.

I need to get ahold of the team in training travel agent to find out how much the flight and marathon weekend hotel will cost for Doug, and then we’ll figure out for sure what we can afford after. The best part is we did our taxes this weekend, and we’re getting $1,700! So we’re using that for the trip! I can’t wait!


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