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So I chose very poorly when I bought my new running shoes in January. They gave me horrible blisters for a few outings, but that seemed normal (but these blistered on the side of the heel so that was really hard to deal with). I’ve never had a pair of shoes that didn’t give my blisters. But as I kept running, my toes poked holes in the shoe! And my feet hurt after running, more than they should have. Then on Monday they blistered my heel again and I was done. I had these shoes for a month. Talk about a waste of money.

I went to Movin’ Shoes, a local running shoe store, and tried on a bunch of shoes made to compensate for my over-pronator stride, wide feet and low arches. They seemed great as I wore them in the store and as I cross trained on the elliptical machine Tuesday. Definitely better than the shoes I would buy at the mall or Kohl’s. But running Wednesday was a different story. My feet felt like they were sliding around and the shoes just seemed too big.

So Thursday I took them back (another great thing about the specialty store… they’re not satisfied until I’m satisfied!) and tried on even more shoes. About an hour later I had a toss up between two pairs. Monday I had a toss up too, and I guess I chose the wrong one! But nonetheless, I chose a pair today and wrote down the second-place pair in case I need to exchange AGAIN. I’m really hoping not. I’d like to get past the shoe debacle and get back on track with my training.

But I won’t get to try this pair of shoes until Saturday. I’ve been advised to take at least one day off completely from exercising each week, and today, Friday, is it. Hopefully. I really don’t like skipping the gym! But I started strength training this week, too, and I’m a little tender. No doubt I will be tender in the morning (not sore though… I’m not overdoing it). So taking a day off won’t be a bad thing. My first strength training was Tuesday and I ran Wednesday and the results weren’t great… but that was the shoes too.

Hopefully I will take it easy today because I’m tired and drained and I just need to sleep late and chill a bit. My goal for today is to start thank you notes to the wonderful people who have already donated to my cause! I’m up to $370 raised!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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