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My newest pair of shoes is a bust. They’re too big. They felt just like the first pair did with my feet sliding around and feeling like they were slanted. I’ll be taking them back tomorrow, but I can’t decide if I’ll just get a smaller pair of the ones I tried today or a different style that I’ve tried on twice now. Why are feet so complicated?

The shoes felt great the first five miles of my run. But in the last mile a terrible pain started shooting through the balls of my feet. They actually still hurt a little bit. I thought about trying them one more time, but the fact that my feet hurt almost 12 hours later changes my mind on that.

I’m working to up my mileage during the week. Today I ran six miles and I ran five Monday. Four or five more will come on Friday and my long run I’m aiming for nine! Looking at these numbers is just unreal to me. I’ve logged 107 miles of training now! And I’ve still got three months until the marathon.

Once I get the right shoes, I will be a rock star! Or at least I’ll feel really good. My training has been going very well despite the problems. I know lots of people get frustrated and quit when they have these kinds of problems. I’m not yet, but if I don’t find a good pair of shoes again, who knows! I’m considering going back to my cheapie New Balance 404’s!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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