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Thoughts of TNT are keeping me up at night again. This happened when it was starting too, when I was really excited and making my plans. Well after an off week, I’m excited again and my plans are keeping me awake! Planning for outdoor runs and my reminder letters I hope to mail tomorrow and fundraisers… plenty to think about. In the past I’ve been able to turn my brain off fairly easily and drift to sleep, but I’m just too excited about TNT.

I think the nice weather and getting outside and being sick earlier this week is making me more tired right now too! So I’ve got two things going against me… nice weather/getting outside making me sleepy, but thoughts of TNT keeping me awake!

The weather tomorrow (or I guess today) is supposed to be a bit warmer than Saturday. Right now I’m planning on changing my long run to tomorrow and then a shorter treadmill run Saturday, which I’m thinking will help me in the 5K Sunday. I’ll probably go out around 10 or 11 a.m., when the temp should hopefully be about the same as it was during my run Wednesday.

I have used a few times to put together some runs. My next run will be 10 or 11 miles, and mapping 10 miles was challenging! I could have mapped a 5-mile loop to run twice, but I don’t want to give up after one loop and go home. I need to scout out trails and where sidewalks are and are not and stuff like that. I’m not going to run on the side of the road. There are two major trails near my house to explore and a bunch of parks. I’d like to run around the Arboretum and Lake Monona! The possiblities are endless.

I sound like such a nerd. Who knew planning a run would excite me this much?

Got my Garmin Forerunner GPS watch today, but not in time to play with it! I need to do a crash course on charging it up tonight and maybe loading my run map on it. If I don’t I may just get lost. That certainly wouldn’t help my cause.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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