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12 miles! Increasing mileage and upcoming races

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So because of our 7-inch spring snowfall, our TNT clinic and group run were moved to the Princeton Club, a health club with an indoor track. So I got to run with my group today after all!

The track is 1/9 of a mile. I decided pretty quickly I wasn’t going to count every lap. 12 miles on a 1/9-mile track is 108 laps! So I went by time instead. I set my garmin to my usual intervals, but it didn’t keep track of speed or distance since I was indoors. I thought I was on a 14-minute/mile pace. But toward the end I timed a mile by counting the laps and it was 11 minutes. And that was at the end, so maybe I ran faster before? My theory is that I was faster since I was on a flat, indoor track. It definitely helps that there were no hills. I’m hoping I won’t be too sore tomorrow because of this.

So my run was 147 minutes total and doing the math I ran between 11.3 and 12.25 miles based on 12-minute to 13-minute miles. So I’m just saying I ran 12 miles because it sounds better!

I really think having the two-minute walk breaks actually makes me a little faster!

I’m doing something bad tonight. There is Easter candy in the newsroom. And I’m eating way too much of it. I’m rationalizing that I can do this because I ran 12 miles. But it would be good for me to eat at least some of my healthy dinner I brought tonight.

Hopefully tomorrow I can run outside since I’ve been eating so poorly tonight and it will continue tomorrow. Next week I’m going to add another run day by doing a short run after spin class on Tuesdays. I’m looking forward to even nicer weather starting this week to get outside more!

If I get outside tomorrow, I’ll log 28 miles for the week. With adding an extra run day next week, my mileage should be around 34-36.

My next race is a 10-miler in two weeks. Then I’m going to run a 20K on May 3. Its around Lake Monona, which is one of the prettiest areas around here (everything is pretty, but especially here). I’m hoping to go run this route at least once before the race too. 20K is a little over 12 miles, and the race is timed up to three hours. If I continue on my current pace I should make it. After that I’m hoping to do the 10K race during the Madison Marathon and the week after will be MY marathon!

I’m actually getting really excited. My confidence is going up, especially after my long run today. The fact that I ran 12 miles and the soreness didn’t really set in until I was done is a good sign. I’m thinking this means my body is getting used to the longer runs. And increasing the mileage is a good thing too. I’m really getting excited for the marathon. I just really hope my fundraising picks up in the coming weeks.

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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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