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I had a great run today. So why am I achy?

My lower back is sore and my left ankle, the one I’ve sprained several times, is also sore. I have scar tissue from all the injuries and every time I up my exercise intensity it gets sore. And I’m getting increasingly concerned about my achilles tendon on my right foot, but maybe on my left too. Its not hurting too badly, and not constantly. Now is the time to make sure it doesn’t get worse. Too bad I’m inexperienced and I don’t really know how to keep it from getting worse.

I’m sure the culprit is increasing my mileage too much. The rule of thumb is 10 percent each week. Last week I ran 28 miles, which was 4 over what I did two weeks before that. I wasn’t counting the week in between because I was sick and only ran 17 miles. But maybe I should have counted that week? Either way, increasing 4 miles was too much I guess. I felt good last week and I got overexcited. I’m only increasing two miles this week. And I’m going to do some new exercises that are supposed to strenghten my lower legs.

I also read that running more hills can aggrivate the achilles. Well, I’ve started running outside in recent weeks so that would explain it. I’ve been alternating between outside and the treadmill, so I guess I should keep doing that.

I really hope I don’t become injured. I don’t think I am injured at this point, but if I don’t start actively trying to prevent it from becoming worse, I’m sure it will get worse! Wish me luck!

Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Aches and pains

  1. Good luck, Jess! Keep up the good work.

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