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So I ran on the treadmill today and I started slow and stretched beforehand and the achilles doesn’t hurt, right now at least. So I guess I just need to take it easy on the training and make sure to continue the stretches that I’ve found for the achilles. I’ve been saying it and writing it so much it just sounds funny… achilles, achilles, achilles.

I’ve got my long run tomorrow, 12 to 14 miles, and of course I’m hoping for 14. I’m going to run a 6-mile loop through the arboretum, finally. I keep hearing about how great it is to run through the arboretum. I’ve only been there once and it wasn’t to run, but it is a beautiful place. And I think its absent of hills so that will help my achilles.

I’m running 14 miles on the 6-mile loop so that I can stop at my car to get some fuel and water every six miles, since I don’t have a way to carry my water with me yet. Its all just an experiment at this point. I have a gel and a pack of sports beans to try. You’re supposed to experiment with this kind of stuff on training runs and then make sure you don’t alter it at all during the event. I guess different runners have different reactions to all the refueling products out there.

Weather is supposed to be pretty nice tomorrow, with a high of 44. But it will still be a little chilly when I’m starting my run. Since it will likely take three hours I am hoping to get an early start, hopefully around 9:30. At that time it will be around 35 but feeling like 27. Its probably on the lowest end of the temps I can run outside in. I’ll wear an extra shirt and then get rid of it on a break.

So this is my longest run to date and I’m trying not to be nervous. It hopefully won’t be as exhausting as some of my other long outdoor runs (at least not until later in the run) because its not as hilly.

After this week the long runs will drop back to 10 miles every other week. Next week I’m running with my teammates in a 10-mile race. Then the following week the calendar says 14 to 16 miles. Then it will be another 10 mile. That kind of makes it a little less intimidating, I guess.

I’ll come back with an update on how everything goes! Wish me luck!

Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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