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So I think I did mention at one point that the Asics GT-2130 ended up being THE shoe. Or at least I think so. See something happened this week that may change my mind. My TOES poked a hole in the inner layer of my shoe! Upon talking to others about it and my thinking, I have decided that the likely cause is a combination of too-long toenails (gross, I know) and flexing my toes while I run!

I was never aware I did this, but after my long run today I am definitely aware. My tendons that move the big toe (sorry, don’t know the scientific term) are sore from this flexing. I’m not sure how to stop myself from doing this. I ran 14 miles today and my toes are sore. How will they feel after I run 26?

Anyway, something else I noticed today was that the soles of my shoes are getting deep creases, something that usually indicates a shoe has worn out or is in the process. This stresses me out because I’m pretty sure I’ve only had these shoes for a month, or not even a month. I have probably run about 100 miles in them total. And if I take back a pair of worn out shoes, even if they wore out prematurely from not being the right shoe after all, I would bet the store will tell me its time to pay for a new pair. So yeah, 100 miles to wear out a shoe. Even if I take into account that I bought the original pair around Feb. 10, thats still only two months. Seems my shoes have usually lasted at least four to five months, if not more, in the past. Those were the CHEAP shoes. I am getting closer to just going back to the New Balance 401’s.

I’m not sure what I’ll do about this. I need to take some time to figure it out. If I do need to pay for a new pair, I’m likely back at square one as far as finding the right pair. Becase if it took only a month for them to wear out, they’re likely not the right pair 😦 Not to mention I don’t have the MONEY to buy ANOTHER new pair of shoes!

But anyway, on to my long run report: It was great, actually! It wasn’t too uncomfortable until about the last two and a half miles. I think my body was just telling me “whoa, we didn’t do this last week”! But thats why I’m not just running 26 miles right off the bat… my body needs to get used to all this torture. So I was able to get through it to get all my miles in.

I ran the “arb loop” today, and it is so pretty! Its a bike route through the UW arboretum, a section of Monroe Street, behind Edgewood College and Vilas Park. I can’t wait to see it when its warmer and there are leaves on the trees and birds. Its a 6-mile loop that I ran twice and then I ran one more mile out and back to my car. I did it this way so I could stop at my car to refuel.

It seems so silly to say that, but thats what it is, refueling. I had a pack of sports beans and a gel to try. They both worked with my stomach. The gel was faster, although I squeezed it too fast and it got all over my hands. Sport beans are jelly beans (I didn’t know that at first either) and mine today were jelly belly fruit punch flavor. They tasted good but took longer to eat. So different things to consider, I guess.

I’ve been refueling for the rest of the day too. I always get really hungry after my long runs. But I burn a lot of calories too… I think something like 125 per mile? Thats more than 1,700 calories, so I need to get at least some of those back to function.

When I did my 10-mile long run outside two weeks ago I got VERY sore from all the hills and just the surface I was running on. I got to skip the soreness last week since my long run was inside on a track. But I fully expect to be sore to the point of having a hard time moving around. I’ll take a rest day from exercise tomorrow, but I’ll still have to move around as Doug and I are spring cleaning tomorrow.

My achilles right now seems OK. But right now my entire ankle area has kind of a dull aching feeling. So who knows which part will hurt tomorrow. I forgot to stretch my achilles before I started, but I stopped a few times at the beginning to try and stretch. I had also decided I was going to start slower to have more of a warm up, but that didn’t exactly happen either.

As I write this, my ankle area on up my leg is starting to make itself more known. The soreness is starting to set in.

Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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