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So I am very excited to report I have officially passed the 50-pound mark. Fifty pounds LOST that is! In March 2007 I started seeing a nutritionist because I was exercising a lot but still not losing weight. I was frustrated because I didn’t know what I was doing wrong to continue gaining. Working with my nutritionist, I started limiting my intake of carbohydrates and the rest is history! At that time I wasn’t the most consistent exerciser all the time. But I became consistent and along with limiting the carbs, the weight just kept coming off.

When I started this journey, I weighed 220 pounds. I lost about 10 pounds in the first two weeks because I retained less water as I ate fewer carbs. After the first few weeks, the weight loss wasn’t quite as much but consistent.

I was delighted when I dropped below 200 pounds. I weighed 188 pounds on my wedding day. I had to exchange my wedding gown to a smaller size and it was still taken in about 2 inches. I felt great. I wore shorts on my honeymoon to Mexico, which I haven’t done in years.

Between my wedding and Christmas I didn’t lose much weight. But I started changing my workouts and then my marathon training. I dropped below my all-time low weight (183) and the weight kept dropping. My BMI finally dropped to the point where I wasn’t obese anymore. The next milestone was 50. I wanted to be there by my one-year anniversary, but it doesn’t bother me at all that it took a little longer to reach that point.

My weight now is 168.5! I am losing another size and a lot of my pants are big. When I can buy new ones, I buy size 12, and even some of those are loose. This is such a great feeling. I didn’t know I could be this small.

I am so excited about the progress I have made. I am a lot more confident, but most importantly, I am lessening my risk of heart attack, diabetes and the like with every pound.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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