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Even though I’m still a bit under the weather and my asthma is still bothering me and I only slept four hours last night, I still went to my team in training group run this morning bright and early at 7 am! It was a bit of a struggle to start out but overall I’m happy with what I was able to accomplish after a week and a half off.

Even though it was supposed to rain all day and it was threatening rain as I was on my way to the meeting place, the rain held off! It was drizzling a bit before we started but it went away and the sun even came out during the run! It was sunny and warm for the rest of the day!

I think I did really well at keeping my expectations low. I was hoping to run 4 to 6 miles today. I had no illusion of running 16 or even 10 after a week and a half off, and with new things in my shoes.

So anyway, I was hoping to run 4 to 6 miles, but I thought I could maybe push it to 8. Well, my good friend Dan and I ran 7.5 miles! For the run we had two TNT alumni who met us every three miles or so on the course to give us water and gatorade and help us out. So once we made it to the support car at 7.5, we just hitched a ride back to our cars!

We did the Lake Monona loop today. I was kind of bummed I couldn’t do the whole thing, but I’ll be back. I’ll actually be back for the Lake Monona 20K race in two weeks. But just the half of the loop we did was awesome. Madison really has some truly amazing outdoor spaces.

I am happy to report I have no pain from the neuroma. I didn’t expect pain during the run. I figured if I would have pain it would have been this evening. Well, my arch is a little painful from having this orthotic and pad in my shoe, but no neuroma pain!! Hopefully it will stay this way and the orthotics will be all I need!

I did develop a small blister from the pad though, but I kind of expected it. Actually, I’m kind of glad I got it because a small part of me wanted to keep running.

I’m a little sore, but not too bad. Like I said earlier, no neuroma. But I did feel a twinge in my right achilles this afternoon. Now that I’m running again I need to work on disciplining myself to sufficiently stretch the achilles before and after my run and even at other times of the day.

I won’t try to run tomorrow though. I won’t have time. I’ll go back on Monday.

After the run I intended to head straight home to get some naptime in before Doug and I went to the UW spring football game. But instead I enjoyed eating bagals and hanging out with the other runners as they finished! I stayed an extra hour or so and sacrificed my naptime, which has really affected the rest of my day, since I only slept four hours the night before! But I’m glad I stayed. I really wish more people came to the group runs. I know it can’t be helped, people are busy. I really have enjoyed getting to know the other participants though. I’d like to think I’ve even made a few friends!

Now that I’m back on the road, I’m feeling really optimistic. I’m thinking about how to structure my last six weeks of training, and if I will stay with the full or go to the half. I’m getting back from a week and a half off, so I’m not going to run 16 miles next week. I’m thinking I’ll go for a 10- to 12-mile long run. I’ve got 16, 18, and 20 miles left for long runs. I can get all three in if I go with a two-week taper. I had been thinking about a three-week taper just because I was getting so run down with my injury issues and things. But I’ve had a week and a half off, so maybe that was just what I needed! The other option would be to do 16- and 18-mile long runs, with a three-week taper, and call that good for the full marathon. Or I could split the difference and do 17- and 20-mile long runs along with a three-week taper. I don’t know.

I’m changing my mind about this all the time. Obviously, it depends on my orthotics taking care of the neuroma. If they don’t work and I need to take more time off for more treatment, no full marathon. I will also need to determine if my body is up to the training. I don’t know that yet.

Long story short, I’m going to give myself a week and then decide.

Depending on which event, I’m already thinking about fall marathons. It would be something in state, or perhaps an easy weekend drive. But the other variable is when Doug and I start our family!

What I do know is this will not be my only marathon. I will run another one, I just don’t know when. Thats pretty much the reason I did TNT now. I figured if I waited, we’re going to start our family, or I’ll just be otherwise busy. And I was in the right place for it in January. I waited five years to be in the right place.

This is a long entry, because I also have some great fundraising news to share! I was getting really discouraged about fundraising. Its happened a lot, actually. But right around recommitment things kinda stopped coming, around the last two weeks in March. Well, even after I sent reminder letters I didn’t get much. But I guess there was just a bit more lag time than I expected. Checks have been coming in the mail every other day or so. And some people who had promised to donate, but had to wait, donated. And my dad handed out some letters at work, and those people who don’t even know me donated! And I started sharing with more people, and more people I don’t know really well are donating too!

Well, my fundraising has now totally turned a corner! At the beginning of April, I had raised around $1,300. Well, as of this evening, my total is $2,325! I am just floored when I look at my numbers now. Especially when I realize that I’ve raised $1,000 in just the last three to four weeks. I am definitely more encouraged and I am totally confident that I will make my goal. Who knows? I might even surpass it! But I’m going to concentrate on reaching it for now.

No matter which event I run, I am a hero. Dan says this all the time. And I’m starting to believe it! The half marathon is still a great accomplishment. And regardless of the event, I’m going to raise $3,800 or more to help cure blood cancers! Team in training is close to, or has already raised its one billionth dollar. And I helped.

This experience has taught me that I really can do anything. Yeah, when your growing up, all the people tell you that, but this experience has taken me out of my comfort zone in so many ways and I truly believe that statement now. It definitely takes this kind of experience to really learn this. And I’m definitely becoming a better person for it.

I can do ANYTHING!!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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