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Remembering Adam Nickel

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I never actually met Adam Nickel. The closest I came to meeting him was an email he sent to us about cool things we could do to change the look of our donation web pages. He was really busy with school and training for the marathon in Arkansas. The one time he came to a group run was the one time I missed.

Adam was my teammate. We were both training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and raising money to help cure blood cancers. Adam was an avid runner and passionate about this cause, just like me.

He is my inspiration. Others are inspired by me, and I am inspired by him. I only wish I could have raised the money as quickly as he did because then I could raise even more!

Adam died after finishing the Little Rock Marathon. Autopsy reports showed a heart condition that couldn’t have been pre-screened along with electrolyte imbalance. An article I read said his adrenaline kept him going for the race and once he stopped, it all stopped.

Shortly before that marathon, Adam had already reached his fundraising goal for the marathon. He was running it in honor of his grandmother, who died of lymphoma.

I didn’t write much about his death, simply because I didn’t know him. But it did affect me. Of course, being a first time runner, its intimidating to be confronted with the news of a runner dying after a race. And it hit home even more that we were connected even though we never actually met.

This weekend is the Crazylegs Classic here in Madison. Its a huge 8K (5 mile) race and 2 mile walk that is a fundraiser for the UW athletic department. I have read that Crazylegs was Adam’s favorite race. Last year Doug and I did the walk and I understand why that would be anyone’s favorite. Its a lot of fun and you can’t beat finishing in Camp Randall Stadium.

Doug and I would be participating, but we’re going out of town. A team was organized to honor Adam, and I would really love to be part of that team to help honor him. Its so sad to see young lives cut short. Especially when they’re taking part in activities that are supposed to improve their health, not take it away. It was just his time I guess. But we will honor him in San Diego too.

So good luck to the Crazylegs runners! Have fun on Saturday!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Remembering Adam Nickel

  1. Congratulations on training for your first marathon! Adam would have been so proud and had tons of advice for you. As one of his closest friends it is amazing to hear about all of the people that he has encouraged and lives he has touched!

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