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Well… as I started running again last week after my injury and being sick, I thought the endurance was still there. It is, but not like I thought. I’ve been sticking to shorter distances lately and those were fine. But running 10 miles today was tough!

I wanted to get a 10-mile run in before the Lake Monona 20K (12.42 miles) on Saturday. And I was fine until around mile 7, when I started getting tired and sore. So I don’t quite know what to expect on Saturday, when I’ll run almost 2 and a half miles further.

I’m still easing back into running and I’m not really sure what my mileage should be. I hope to run 5-6 miles Thursday, which will put me at 19 to 20 for the week, not counting the race. My main focus is going to be running a 12- or 13-mile long run each of the next two weeks before I taper. I’m still not quite sure what the taper is supposed to consist of.

I think I just have to get used to feeling some soreness in the balls of my feet because of the orthotics. I don’t know if maybe thats changed my running form a little too, probably why I’ve been sore. I hope that foot soreness will go away when I get the custom orthotics. All during my run I was so afraid that it was the neuroma getting aggravated. So far, it hasn’t come back, but I still wonder occasionally. I don’t know if that worry will ever go away.

Last night I signed up for the 10K event at the Madison Marathon. Its the week before my marathon and I’m excited to run it. It will give me a taste of the marathon atmosphere too. Maybe the full marathon I eventually run in will be the Madison Marathon, one of these years.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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