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Well, despite terrible weather, which could have been worse, I ran the Lake Monona 20K in 2:41:40, a few minutes better than I thought! I predicted around 2:45, so beating my predicted time is pretty cool to me.

The weather started out OK. It was threatening rain the whole time, pretty much. Temps started around 50 and dropped a few degrees over the course of the race. There was a heavier drizzle for about a half hour around mile 6, and during that drizzle the wind picked up and stayed picked up for most of the remainder of the race. It was cold. The water I carried with me was colder at the end than it was at the beginning!

However, it indeed could have been worse, because the hour-by-hour weather forecast said light rain showers for the entire race time.

My endurance/stamina was still on the low side as well, though better than when I ran 10 miles on Wednesday, so it is improving. I ran with Rachel, one of my teammates, the whole way, and we both needed extra and longer walk breaks for about the last 4 miles.

So if the weather had been better, and I had more stamina, I would have run faster, but really, my time was very good, although I finished last. I’m just glad I was able to run!

I was pretty sore after the race too, but it mostly went away over the couple hours afterward. My feet were really sore, which may have been because of the orthotics. I really hope I get the custom ones this week because I think the generic ones are wearing out and I’d really like to get at least one long run in with them!

My conditioning is coming back though. I haven’t been as hungry or as tired (though I did take a nap) today as I was Wednesday.

My plan for the last two weeks of training before the taper is just to have two or three shorter runs during the week, like 5-7 miles I would say. And then to have my long run be 12 or 13 miles. I don’t really need my long run to be quite that long, but I’d like to try to have them longer just so my body is used to the distance.

I’m not quite sure of my plan for the taper. Maybe I’ll actually follow what’s on the half marathon training plan! I’m not following it for the last two weeks though mainly because I know I can do more and I’ll be more comfortable on race day if I’ve run the distance a few times.

Its supposed to be nice here tomorrow for the first time in a few days. And I’m actually off and not busy tomorrow! Its been a few weeks since I had a completely free day. I’m hoping to go for a short run, but if I’m too sore I won’t. Either way, Doug and I definitely plan on taking advantage of the nice day! We have plans to grill out, but other than that, we’ll do something, which is yet to be determined, outdoors. I can’t wait!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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