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The weather could have been better, I’m wind burnt and I haven’t slept since Wednesday, but my long weekend of fundraising has been a success!

I raised $400 this weekend: $187 from my garage sale, my cut from the car wash is $94 and my half of the brat stand was $119. I am very thrilled.

Adding to that a couple more donations I got over the weekend, and all of the sudden I have only $170 to raise!!


Well obviously, I just wrote I have $170 still to go, so I’m not really done… but my active fundraising efforts are done because that $170 (or more) is on the way from a couple sources. So I can relax on the fundraising. I’m going to make it. I had hoped to reach my goal this weekend, and technically I did. Woo hoo!!

Of course, donations will still be accepted. I might still donate some of my money. I wouldn’t mind going over 100 percent of my goal.

Now I’ve just got some loose ends to tie up to make sure all my funds get credited to me. And then I’ve got one more week of training before I taper.

Finally, I can relax.

Weather for the car wash Saturday was a little on the chilly side and cloudy, but we still did good business. I was going to get up for a run before, but I ended up sleeping a little longer. It turned out to be a good thing because I forgot how physical washing a car is… let alone washing a bunch of cars. My arms were a little sore after, as were my legs.

Today’s weather was just terrible. But as always, it could have been worse. It was raining as we were on our way there and it was still raining as we set up everything. It stopped raining early, but stayed cloudy and cold and windy. I have warm and wind-burnt cheeks to show for it.

To make things even more interesting, we used the TNT tent, but didn’t consider getting something to weigh it down. It wouldn’t have been a problem if it hadn’t been so windy!! We found some big rocks to put by the poles, but that didn’t help when the wind blew up under the tent and lifted it off! There were a couple times we had to jump up and catch it before disaster struck. After awhile we started taking turns holding on to the tent down.

We’ll definitely have some advice to offer people in the future!

I’m done getting up early! I got up at 7 Friday, 8:30 Saturday and 6:30 Sunday. Its amazing to me that I’m still awake right now, but I have to be.

So I would really like to just relax and veg tomorrow, but I’m pretty busy with training-related tasks. I need to do a long run tomorrow since I didn’t have time this weekend. I also have a sports medicine appointment that I originally made for my neuroma, but I ended up keeping. I had thought about cancelling it, but I’m glad I didn’t since my achilles has decided to act up again. Its a little sore today, probably because I haven’t iced it all weekend and I haven’t stretched as much either.

Tuesday I have an appointment to pick up my custom orthotics. Also sometime tomorrow or Tuesday I’m going to go buy a new pair of running shoes. And of course I have my last week of training to consider.

But my immediate plans do include a couple days (at least) of sleeping in! I’m going to sleep until I wake up tomorrow, so if I don’t get a long run I will not be upset at all.

I also plan to set up an appointment to get a massage on Wednesday… I’ll finally use the gift card Doug gave me for Christmas. And then Doug and I are going to go out on a nice date night Wednesday since I’m off. Its been awhile since we had a nice relaxing night out, so thats what we’re going to do.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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