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No, nothing new, thank goodness. Just following up on my current injuries.

I had a sports medicine appointment today, which I had originally made for my neuroma. I saw the podiatrist for my neuroma but I ended up keeping this appointment because of my achilles. It seemed better and I thought about cancelling the appointment, but then it flared up again last week.

The doctor said I’m doing everything right. He referred me to some physical therapy so I can learn some exercises to rehab my achilles and strengthen it. He said running the half marathon shouldn’t be terribly detrimental to the tendon, but I do need to work on that rehab so it doesn’t get any worse.

I got a PT appointment next Tuesday at 7 am. I am so not a morning person but I’ve had my share of early mornings for running-related things! I took the appointment that early though because it was the first available and its so hard to get a new patient appointment anywhere in the UW network. Apparently it will be easier to get the follow-up appointments.

The other thing the doctor recommended is doing ankle raises to strengthen the tendon, stretching and icing three times a day, and also orthotics, which I am getting tomorrow!

I have an appointment at another UW clinic to get the orthotics tomorrow afternoon. I’m guessing its some type of fitting even though it was made for my foot.

On the neuroma front, my foot is doing well. The only time my foot really gets sore is when I’m standing for too long. So it did kind of bother me after the car wash as well as the brat stand. What gets sore is actually my arch on my right foot, for some reason.

Also tomorrow I finally have the money and the time to go buy a new pair of running shoes. So I’ll have the rest of this final training week and then two weeks of taper to get used to my new shoes. I’m going to a different store to see what their input might be on shoes. My hope is that my next pair won’t wear out so fast!

It is good timing though because I’ll have the custom orthotics and new shoes. I’m not sure how it will be to run in the custom orthotics. I might have to keep using the generics for a few days and just wear the custom ones throughout the day to break them in. I really don’t know what to expect. My goal is to do my final long run in them. If I can’t do my long run for whatever reason, I’ll stick with the generics in the last training and for the race.

The biggest piece of advice I’ve gotten from so many people for the race is not to do anything new on race day! So if the orthotics are not comfortable, I won’t use them. Thats also why if I had to wait any longer to get new shoes, I wouldn’t bother for the reace. Its also for that reason I decided I won’t wear shorts for the race. I’m just not comfortable in them.

In other news, I ran 3.7 miles this afternoon even though my achilles was a little more sore from the poking and prodding at the doctor’s office. I slowed down even more and it maybe wasn’t as good a run as last Thursday’s, but it did feel good to get out running for the first time in four days!

So once I get my orthotics and shoes and get a couple runs down, I will be all set for San Diego. I’m now relaxed on the fundraising front and soon I will be relaxed about the race too. I am very pleased with how everything is finally coming together.

I’ve started my vacation countdown. My vacation actually starts on the 28th, even though we don’t leave for San Diego until the 30th. We’ll spend the night before in Milwaukee though and Doug and I took the extra day Wednesday so we won’t be stressed out with packing and final preparations.

Anyway, I have 16 days, but only 12 work days until vacation. Two weeks to go!


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