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Custom orthotics and new shoes

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Today I picked up my new custom orthotics and then I bought some new running shoes. I’m hoping the combination will rid me of my leg and foot troubles.

I tried a different store for my shoes and I think it worked well. The girl who helped me thought with the orthotics I could go with a more neutral shoe instead of the stability shoe. I’m hoping these shoes not only work out, but don’t wear out as fast as my old ones! I will try them out tomorrow morning.

The orthotics feel pretty good so far. I’m supposed to gradually break them in, so I only wore them for two hours today. I’m not sure if the breaking in process is more for the orthotics themselves or to let my feet to get used to them. I think since I’d been wearing the generic ones for three weeks my feet won’t have too much trouble adjusting. My goal is to wear the orthotics for my long run on Friday.

Tomorrow my goal for my run is 6 to 8 miles. Then I’d like my long run to be 12, but I would settle for 10 too. I think my endurance is back pretty well. I’m really hoping for a nice solid normal training week to lead into my taper. But right now my achilles is a little more sore than usual, so plans might have to change.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Custom orthotics and new shoes

  1. My physiotherapist suggest my to wear MBT shoes for rid from leg and foot troubles. Got those pairs from last week.

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