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We’re home! Despite the fact that we didn’t have nearly enough time to do everything we wanted to do in San Diego, Doug and I are both VERY happy to be home. And it was a long journey too. We got up at 6 a.m. California time yesterday. We left for the airport at 8 and we were en route until almost 9:30 Wisconsin time last night!

We had to return the rental car, wait in the airport, fly home, get out of Milwaukee airport and back to the hotel to pick up our car, then we drove home from Milwaukee and stopped for dinner before we actually went home. We went to our favorite restaurant, The Great Dane, and waited 45 minutes for a table since it was Friday. We were SOOOO tired throughout the wait and the meal.

It was a little surreal to return home. The house seemed so big on the outside! And on the inside. I’m so glad we were able to clean it up before we left. I finally decided it all looked so big and brand new because we were living in a small hotel room (three different ones, in fact) for 9 days! It was so nice to sleep in our bed last night!

It will be so nice to eat a home cooked dinner, which I will make in a few minutes. We still had to go out for lunch this afternoon because we had almost no food and it was going to take too long to shop and THEN eat. So we went out. But I think both of us are hoping we don’t have to eat at a restaurant for awhile.

I had an absolutely AMAZING race last Sunday and we had an incredible vacation. I took more than 1,200 pictures! I love my digital camera. I took so many pictures that I went through THREE sets of batteries. My note to self for our next vacation is to bring lots of batteries. I took 200 to 250 pictures a day, which makes it easy to see why I went though so many batteries!

Doug and I are just relaxing this weekend. No plans of any sort in the works, aside from a band rehearsal tomorrow night, and perhaps my first post-race run tomorrow afternoon. Doug goes back to work Monday, but I don’t have to go back until Tuesday.

So hopefully later this weekend or on Monday I will have a chance to organize my pictures and thoughts and start blogging about the actual race and my vacation. See you then!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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