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Well, vacation ended at 5 p.m. today as I headed back to work. It was kinda strange being back after two weeks. I had to put my desk back in order and remember how to lay out my page! It was a relatively short adjustment though and not a terribly difficult night.

Over the last two days I have been working on uploading my photos to a photo-sharing web site. I will now work on organizing my thoughts about my race and vacation so I can finally post a race report here! It took a long time to work my way through the nearly 1,300 pictures I took. I’m almost there though.

I ran on Sunday on a treadmill because it was so stormy that day. Then I ran outside on Monday. It had cooled off from the weekend but it was still really muggy. It was my most sweaty run to date. This morning I had spin class and the humidity really dragged me down. I don’t know if this is just the adjustment from California back to home or if its a lot more humid than usual. I think it is worse than usual. It was super steamy and hot when we got home on Friday and then also on Saturday. Then it cooled but it was still humid.

I’m hoping the humidity goes away soon. Its really kicking my butt. I’ve been using my inhaler more frequently lately. And I’ve finally gotten to the point where I don’t use it much at all except when I’m sick or the humidity goes through the roof.

We’re definitely back to real life. We turned on the air conditioner on Saturday then turned it off because it wasn’t working. Then we tried again on Monday with a new air filter, and decided the AC does not work. Both times we turned it on it seemed the air flowed fine to start. But it only cooled the house a few degrees and then the air flow all but stopped. We had condensation on the pipe leading into the furnace and there was frost when we turned it off Monday night. Boo! Luckily with our home warranty we only have to pay an $85 deductible, but that doesn’t mean we can afford this. They’re coming to look at it tomorrow and I hope its something that can be fixed tomorrow.

Unfortunately we spent way more on vacation than we thought we would. It was expensive to eat in southern California. I was looking forward to being a little more flexible now that we’re not fundraising or saving for vacation any more. But thats not the case, at least not yet. We have a few other expenses we didn’t plan on as well. I’m really hoping that in the next month or so the money situation gets better.

I’ve been looking into races to enter and I just can’t find any that draw my interest. I think its a bit of a let down from my first race. We don’t have the money to travel to a race, so instead of southern California, I’m limited to southern Wisconsin. Thats definitely not a bad thing though. I think I’m just not super motivated right now. There are plenty of races but I guess none are going to be as exciting as my first. I’m sure I’ll find that motivation in coming days.

Doug and I tentatively picked out a 5K in September to run together. He said after my race he wanted to start running. He talked about it all week. So he tried running Monday and his knees hurt later in the day. But we’re thinking its because he needs new shoes. I’m hoping he will buy a new pair of shoes and try again.

I might wait until I have my physical therapy session on Friday to decide what my ultimate training goal is. I don’t know quite how to proceed in training, if I need to start over to get a better foundation, or just keep doing what I’ve been doing.

But I’m back. I had two weeks off work, so it wasn’t terrible to go in tonight. But I might change my mind any time.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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