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So the thing to do after you complete your first half marathon is run another one, right?

Well thats what I’m doing. After much thought and discussion I have picked the Fox Cities half marathon on Sept. 21 as my next half marathon. I am so excited to have a plan! I’m going to sign up for it after I get paid this week.

I also have picked out five other races I’d like to run in this summer, leading up to the half. Whether I do all five depends on if I have the money to enter, of course, but I’m hoping I can do them all.

I have already signed up for one, the Diva Dash 5K on July 13. I don’t know how it will be racing during the summer. The humidity stays pretty good for the most part, or so I think. I guess I’ll find out.

Now that I’ve chosen my races I need to find a training plan. I need it to tell me how to progress my mileage. I will most likely use the smart coach program offered on

This training experience will be different from my first. For starters, I’m on my own now. And I’m not trying to raise $3,800, I’m just training! I’m really hoping I can keep up the motivation on my own. That was the most valueable part of Team in Training. On my own I might have quit several times. But with Team in Training I had the support to continue.

It looks like I’ll log fewer miles training for the half, at least right now. Last time I was training for the full at first, so my miles were higher. Miles each week on the half training plan seem kind of low. I can adapt it to my needs, but I’d like to follow it. I’m looking to achieve a good base during this round of training. No more injuries!

I’m changing the blog again. I changed the layout and some of the other elements on my page. The title will probably change too, but I haven’t decided to what yet. I may even change the page’s address. Who knows.

I haven’t posted much in June. Not much to report on in between events, I guess. That will change as I start training. I wonder what crazy new things I will experience this time around?


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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