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Finally! I had my first great run since the race today. Since I’m back in training (well I guess I was never out of training), I’m very happy to have a good start.

I ran 4.6 miles on part of the arboretum loop today and forgot how pretty it is! I haven’t been there in at least two months or more. Certainly not since the trees finally sprouted leaves. The part of the loop I ran on was nice and shady!

So I’ve been thinking about lengthening my running interval from 5 minutes to 6. I tried that today and the results were good. I think the only difference, besides the extra minute running, is that I looked at my watch a lot. But I’ll get used to the time and quit looking.

Obviously on longer intervals I run farther. I was aiming for two miles out before turning around and running back, four intervals. But four of the longer intervals were 2.3 miles. Thats just fine with me. Not sure what longer intervals will do for my time. I would think it should improve.

Another training goal I want to reach is starting to run shorter distances without walking breaks. I’m signed up for a 5K July 13, and I’d like to be able to run it without stopping. Then maybe in the future I can run longer without stopping.

I think adding these variations in my workout will help change it up a bit, something I had been lacking before the race. Perhaps it will kickstart my weight loss again. Though I have found I’m more content with my body than ever. If I stay where I am now at 168, that would be OK. I would love to reach my ultimate goal in the 145 to 155 range, but I’m not going to stress about it anymore.

At least thats what I’m saying today. I tend to change my mind a lot on certain things.

So tomorrow is another cardio bootcamp class. But I think i will skip it. Maybe the next few weeks I’ll only do that class once a week.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll skip it in favor of rest (and seeing Doug for lunch!). I’ll swim Friday, do my long run of 8 miles Saturday and another short run Sunday. Sounds like a plan.

Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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