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Achilles tendonitis update

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I’ve been in physical therapy for my achilles tendonitis since mid-May. My tendonitis never got really bad, which I am grateful for. But at that time my tendon would get really sore just from poking it at the doctors office and it stayed at a dull ache most of the time.

I kept running with plenty of stretching before, during and after as well as icing several times a day.

Physical therapy before the race was just stretches for my achilles, hamstrings and quads. Now since the race I have strengthening exercises for those same areas.

I hadn’t thought much about it until the other day when I realized my achilles wasn’t bothering me at all! I had barely felt it, and I couldn’t really remember the last time I had felt it. Probably right after vacation. I realize its only been a week, but it was a really great feeling.

Thinking back to before the race, I know it was already feeling better. I usually felt the tightness in the tendon when I actually started running, even though I had warmed up. I think my starting form may have had something to do with it. That tightness would always go away, which is good. If it would continue during the run then the tendonitis is more advanced, i.e., worse.

I went out running both yesterday and today and did not feel it at all. Perhaps I’ve tweaked my form, but I doubt it. So its getting better!

Today I felt the tendon a bit, but it was more muscle soreness, likely from doing my strength exercises the night before. I can’t really do them if I’m going to run, or at least run well, the next day.

I’m supposed to work up to 30 reps of each exercise. Right now I’m only doing 10. But once I get those muscle groups stronger I should be able to stop and let my running maintain that strength. And having those muscles stronger will ease the stress on my achilles.

So I’m seeing the progress and hoping that will motivate me to keep up with my exercises and stretching! I still am not icing as much as I should – only once a day right now. I’d like to get three times in but at this point I’ll be happy with two.

Tomorrow I really am going to take that rest day I’ve put off the past two days. I’m still somewhat fatigued from the cardio bootcamp class Tuesday as well as running on that soreness and the PT exercises. I need to take a rest so I can have a stellar long run on Saturday.

I’m completing the first week of my training plan with an 8-miler. I think I’ll go ahead and try the longer intervals and see how I do on a longer run. I’m betting it will be fine.

This is actually kind of exciting, starting training again. I guess I’m not really starting again. I recovered for two weeks and now I’m pretty much back to what I would be at, regardless of training. I’ll actually run fewer miles and shorter distances this time around since I’m starting on the half training plan. I started Team in Training on the full plan. I wonder if I’ll be able to stick to it pretty well or end up running too much!


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