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Well, I have to work the Fourth of July, but thats not keeping me from celebrating our country’s independence by running a race. Its a 10K race in DeForest.

Its been a month since the half marathon. Hard to believe. So I’m due for a race. I like racing, even though I’m so slow, because I need to have something to train for. I doubt I would be so dedicated to running if I wasn’t racing. And I actually have three races coming up this month.

Friday is the Freedom Run 10K in DeForest. Then I am running a 5K on the 13th, the Diva Dash! Ending the month is a 10-miler in Waunakee. I’m really looking forward to the 10-miler just because I keep using the Black Earth 10-miler when comparing my running now to how I was at the beginning of training.

I had two races planned in August, but one of them is the weekend we’ll be going to Carbondale. So now I have just one, a 10K, but thats the day we’re going to a Brewers game with Nimblegen. So depending on the schedule for the day, I may have to cancel. I hope to at least run one race in August.

September has a 10K and the half marathon.

I think thats a nice full racing schedule. I am limited in what I can enter by how much I can afford. But I think I’ll be able to enter all of them.

I ran on the treadmill today, four miles. I was hoping to explore more on the Capitol City Trail, but it was stormy at the time I was running. I really dislike the treadmill and I’m definitely not looking forward to winter when I’ll have to move my running back inside.

I am undecided right now if I will rest tomorrow or go to cardio bootcamp. I haven’t been to a Thursday class yet and I think its different on Thursdays. But it might be better for me to rest ahead of the race. Doug also might come home from work early, so it depends on when he comes home.

I am feeling a little nervous about Friday’s race. Maybe because it seems like its been such a long time since I raced, but really it hasn’t. Before the half marathon, I raced once a month, except I raced twice in May. So really, it hasn’t been that long. Maybe the nervousness will become adrenaline on race day. I was actually quite surprised I didn’t seem to have as much adrenaline as I expected in San Diego. Oh well, can’t do anything about that.

After Friday’s race, Doug and I will probably grill out and then I’ll work. I’ll be working all weekend. I was off yesterday and won’t be off again until Monday. Oh well, such is life working at a newspaper.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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