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I go out too fast. That is my number 1 mistake. I did that today. My first 2 miles of the 10K were 10:45 each, really fast for me.

I go out too fast and then slow down. What I’m supposed to aim for is to start slow and get faster. I did that pretty well in San Diego, if only because there were so many people.

My problem is I get hung up on trying not to finish last. I don’t know why I get that in my head. I did finish last once, and it wasn’t that bad. I guess thats why I prefer the bigger races because when there are more people, I know I won’t be last. This race was really small.

Anyway, I was able to keep up my quick pace pretty well up to the halfway point. I slowed down around halfway because I started getting pretty sore from the hills. Around mile 2.5 I lost about two minutes when I got a little confused about the route.

I really slowed down at mile 4 when I got a stomach cramp or a side stitch that really hurt if I breathed in all the way. But I used my gel and then slowed down a bit and felt better. I was able to go a little faster, but the last half mile seemed really long.

My other major mistake was not having time to use the bathroom before the race started. Oops! That slowed me down later too.

Over all, it really was a good race. Any race that I finish is good! My time was 1 hour, 13 minutes and 2 seconds. I guess I was a little disappointed because I was hoping to break 1:10. But now that will be my goal for my next 10K in August.

And I really learned this time that I need to not go out so fast. I started the quarter marathon in May fast, but I was able to slow down and settle in better. This time I was just sprinting even though I knew it wouldn’t help me.

I got pretty sore, and then more sore after I did some stretches. Luckily the soreness has diminished, with the help of some ibuprofin.

Ordinarily, my long run would be tomorrow, even though it feels like today was Saturday and the race could qualify as my long run. I’m delaying my long run to Sunday since having two longer runs two days in a row didn’t work well for me last week. I’m going to rest again tomorrow and see what I feel like on Sunday. I have nine miles on the schedule, but I might shorten it. I’ll run, just maybe not nine miles.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Independence Day.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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