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I’m pretty sure my neuroma is back. I guess next I’ll have to try out the cortisone shots, which I have heard are extremely unpleasant. From what I know, thats the next step in finding a treatment.

My foot doesn’t hurt the same way it did before. It just feels weird, numb maybe. And the pain goes to the front of my foot and into my toes at times. Sometimes when I’m barefoot, I feel a swollen area on the bottom of my foot like last time, but it doesn’t seem to stick around and that doesn’t hurt either.

I’ve kept running, but when I realized the feeling was going into my toes, I decided I better see my podiatrist.

The good news is I was able to get an appointment Monday morning.

I’m still going to run my 5K on Sunday. If something drastically changes, I will at least walk it. I paid for the race so I’m not going to waste that money.

My registration for the 10-mile race on the 26th will remain on hold. Hopefully I will know whats up by Wednesday, which is the last day before the fee increases.

I am hoping I won’t have to take a training break. From what I’ve heard, if the shot works, it should work right away. I’m far enough out from the race that I will be OK if I miss some time, but I really don’t want to.


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