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Well, the good news is I don’t need a cortisone shot – yet. The bad news is the neuroma is just going to hang around. The shot is more for pain and all I have is numbness… so the neuroma is just going to flare up when it feels like it and my foot is just going to feet weird. I don’t need to cut back my training unless I start having more pain.

I also had my follow up on my achilles, and while the doctor was only with me for three minutes, I guess I’m cured. I don’t have to go back. The doctor was kind of mean saying I should have cut back my mileage – though he didn’t say that the first time I saw him. He said as long as I’m careful my tendons could handle it. I guess this is something that is more of a concern the longer it sticks around. But I really think the worst of the tendonitis is gone. It just gets sore at times. I think this is just how its going to be and I’m OK with that.

So I’m sort of injury free. I have slight plantar faciitis, where else but in my right foot, apparently from wearing flip flops too much. I’m going to lay off the flip flops for awhile and wear my regular shoes with the orthotics, which should take pressure of the neuroma and also take care of the heel pain.

I need to continue my exercises for the achilles, but its definitely improved. But its not perfect yet. So I’m sort of injury free.

I do wonder, however, when I should be concerned about the “sort of.” Like maybe I should cut back even though I’m feeling fine to run. But I don’t want to cut back because I’m at a point where if I’m not running, I’m just not motivated to do anything.

I’m modifying my training plan to get an extra cutback week and a taper before the half. And when it hurts, I’ll rest. I just don’t know if I should be more cautious when it doesn’t hurt.

For tomorrow, I’d like to run five miles. But with all the poking and prodding of today I have been a little sore, so I might have to cross train instead.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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