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I set a new PR at my 5K on Sunday or 31:33. A 10:10 pace, I didn’t think I could run a race that fast.

I only walked three times, very briefly, maybe a minute and a half total for all three. I kept running, setting landmarks for myself that I’d stop when I got to this building or this sign… but I kept running!

I was hoping to improve my time, but I didn’t think I’d improve it by that much! I took three and a half minutes off my previous time. I also didn’t expect to run the whole race. I had wanted to train for that, but hadn’t gotten the chance.

I can tell I’ve come a long way.

This has gotten me thinking about my running goals. I don’t know that I’ve really had truly defined goals, other than finishing my first half marathon.

But maybe I should make some time goals? Pace? Running a certain distance without walk breaks? Increasing my intervals maybe? I really don’t know.

I think I can start incorporating some continuous running into my training for my short runs of three to four miles. I wanted to run the whole 5K, and maybe I can work up to a whole 10K? That might be pretty far off, but it would be a good thing to work toward.

I don’t know what kind of time goals I would make other than beat my previous times. I’m interested to see how I do in the 10-mile race I have the weekend after next. I’ve been comparing my running now to how I did in the 10-mile race in April. So it will be interesting to see how this race of the same distance compares.

One thing I might try is increasing my running intervals. My switch from running five minutes to running six has gone very well. I wonder how much I could increase? On Saturday I ran some 10-minute intervals to get a little harder workout into a shorter time. So I could definitely change up my workouts with that and maybe find a better running method for Fox Cities.

Its good to change up the workout anyway, so branching out will only benefit me.

Another goal that needs to be on my radar is to be careful and listen to my body. I cut my run short on Tuesday because it was too hot and my body was just tired. My achilles was also a little sore. I’m almost injury-free and I want to be all the way injury-free and keep it that way.

I’m guessing my main goals will be constantly changing. Right now I’d say my goals are only the time goals. So my goal for Fox Cities is to beat 2:40. For my 10-mile race, I want to beat 1:58. And I’ll use the other things, interval, continuous running, etc, to help my training to get to those times.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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