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Extreme heat has come to Madison. The past three days the highs have been 88 or so. Now Madison only has a week or two of these temps per year, so I’m hoping this is almost done.

On Tuesday I was going to run 5 miles at noon and shortened it to 4. Wednesday I went swimming instead. And this morning, I got up at 9 to try and run early.

I’m not sure how well running early worked. It was definitely hot already at 9:30 when I was getting ready to start my run, though not as hot as it got later. I suppose it went well, though realistically I should have cut this one short too. I was on a loop course though, and my thought is always if I keep running, I’ll get done sooner.

Overall I felt OK. But from how my body has felt since then, I doubt I was completely OK.

I got really sleepy later in the afternoon and after I went grocery shopping I ended up shoving lots of salty food in my mouth, along with chocolate, though I don’t think thats what I really needed. I drank two electrolyte drinks instead of one and just kept eating. I couldn’t believe with how much I had eaten that I still got hungry for dinner really early.

Later in the night, my body is sore all over and I believe my feet have swollen. My shoes started to really hurt early in the evening so I loosened the laces and then I had to take them off for awhile. I don’t know what thats all about. I still don’t have them tied. My feet hurt for a long time this afternoon too, before they swelled.

Overall, I know running in the heat is going to wreak more havoc on my body than running in cooler temps.

I don’t know if I should be concerned or if I had some sort of heat-related problem. I’m more inclined to think my body was taking care of itself by making me eat all the salt. I don’t know the whole science of it, but I do know the salt/water balance is important. But I’m thinking my swollen feet are a sign that I went a little overboard.

Tomorrow its supposed to storm and I’m trying to decide what I will do to work out. I am joining a new group for my long run Sunday, so I could run tomorrow or Saturday. I’m not getting up early though. I’ll have to see how my body feels, but I will likely rest, cross train, or use the treadmill.

I really dislike the treadmill though. I try to avoid it because I know a time will come when thats the only way I can run.

Could be worse though. I’m really glad I didn’t end up with a worse health issue and I’m really glad these hot days won’t last too long. In fact, tomorrow its only supposed to be 82!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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