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Well, I ran today and my knee seems fine now. But I’m not going to treat it like its fine. I’m sure this is like my achilles was, where it started hurting a bit and then stopped, only to come back when I increased my mileage.

In talking to my friends on the runner’s world online community, I have decided I need to cut back in some way. I’m just not sure what way that is.

I am, however, still running the 10-mile race in Waunakee on Saturday. I don’t want to waste my money, and I want to get my T-shirt. I’ll see how my knee feels, but the desire for a new PR is there. I will likely just take it as easy as I can, though that’s easier said than done.

I am going to cut down on mileage and probably number of days I run. I’m also going to redouble my efforts to stretch and strengthen my legs. I’m really starting to understand how all these muscles go together, but then I’m baffled at why my knee hurts to begin with. I’ve already been strengthening and stretching.

One of the girls online told me that knee pain is associated with uneven muscle strength, likely the hamstrings aren’t as strong as the quads. And thinking about that, I have noticed that my hamstrings have seemed more tight lately. So I’m going to change up my hamstring stretches a bit to something that will be more effective. I think I just might not be doing my current stretch quite right.

I’d also like to try actually going in to the gym and using the machines once or twice a week. Those machines work better than I do, I’m sure.

I’m hopeful that cutting back the running and increasing the stretching and strengthening will prevent another round of sports medicine and physical therapy. I am finally through the neuroma and the achilles tendonitis. I’m really hoping I don’t have to add runner’s knee (which, coincidentally, is not exclusive to runners) to that list.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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