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Race day text message updates

I’m now three weeks from race day and I’m more than ready for it.

You can get race day text messages with my progress. It doesn’t appear to actually be on the web site yet, but I’m sure it will be updated in the days leading up to the race. Check out the web site for more information about the race! The address is also in the links section on the right side of this page.

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A great long run

Yesterday I ran a 13-mile long run and it went surprisingly well. I’m glad because my runs hadn’t been all that great this week. I was afraid I was burning out, overtraining and all that. Really I hadn’t been following some of the fundamentals, so it was my fault they weren’t that great.

I finally ate a good breakfast before my run, which was the main thing. A lot of the time even if I do eat a good breakfast, I wait too long to go out. I ate my oatmeal and went out right away.

Another thing is my fuel during the run, which is really important on the long runs. I prefer sports beans because they taste better, though they do take longer to eat. But the gels are faster and really, they are more effective for me. So I’ll go with the gels.

One more thing is that I really love my running skirt, but I get really bad chafing anytime I run more than six miles in it. I have never gotten around to trying body glide. Anyway, yesterday I ran in capri pants and that made a world of difference.

So I’ve come to a conclusion about my taper. I’ll still do a long run next week on Wednesday or Thursday, but it will be nine or 10 miles. I see no reason to do another 13-miler since this one was so good. So I’ll do nine or 10 and then the next week I’ll do my regularly scheduled taper.

After a sub-par running week, I’m really excited again.

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The taper is near

And it may be nearer than I planned. I was planning on a two-week taper, but I have a 10K race next weekend that will likely make it difficult to do a long run as well. So as a result I’m considering a three-week taper.

I’m kind of bordering on burnout anyway. I don’t know. There are a bunch of diet and exercise-related things that are just kind of funky with me right now. All week I have wanted to sit on the couch watching TV more than exercise. I have exercised every day, but maybe that desire to sit on the couch is my body telling me to lay off.

Its just weird because I was so enthusiastic last week.

And with my whole diet limbo, I’m obsessed with eating. Its all I want to do. And not because I’m hungry. I still want to lose weight, but I’m not and thats frustrating too. Even though I’ve admitted its time to maintain, I’m having a hard time letting go.

I wrote a few days ago about how I’m looking forward to the slower days of September, but now I’m not so sure. I may need to find something to do thats not exercising.

But back to the issue at hand, I haven’t decided about the taper yet and I have no idea when or how I will decide. If I do a long run next week, it will be on Thursday. So I guess I’ll just see what I feel like when I wake up next Thursday morning!

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A funny race dream!

I’m still chuckling at this dream I had this morning.

In my dream, the date is Sept. 6 and the time is 9:45 a.m. and I am at home (but its not my home, it looks more like the house I grew up in, actually). All of the sudden I realize its half marathon day and I need to get moving so I don’t miss the start. In the dream the start time was 11, I don’t know why, but it was. Despite the fact it will take two hours to get to Appleton, in my dream I thought it would only take one.

So I start running around trying to get dressed and call my friend who’s traveling with us. But I don’t have her phone number on me. Its in facebook though, so I try to sign on to facebook to get her number and let her know I’m coming to pick her up and we might be late for the race.

Only I couldn’t sign on to facebook. It wasn’t in my favorites and I kept trying to type it in the browse and it wouldn’t come up. I keep thinking to myself, “I wish this was a dream.” As the minutes tick by I consider driving up to Appleton without my friend and apologizing later. Slowly I realize I’m not going to make it either. Luckily then I woke up!

This dream was a little scary, actually. I swear it felt real! And I actually remembered it when I woke up, and it stayed with me all day. Rarely do I remember dreams when I wake up and not many stay with me this long. I don’t know what it means. A friend suggested race anxiety… but I’m not anxious for this race at all. I’m excited for it. I can’t wait.

The funny thing about the date and time is that Sept. 6 is the day of my 10K, though 11 a.m. is not the start time. I don’t know if it means something that my two races were intertwined in a dream. Maybe I’m just a little anxious about racing in general since its been over a month since my last race?

Either way its funny and I’m really glad it was just a dream.

In other news, both my lower hamstrings are sore tonight, but they were sore before my run. They got sore after I did my stretches last night. I’m not sure how that made them sore, but it did. I am hoping this doesn’t sideline me at all because I’m planning to do my 12-mile long run on Friday.

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Summer is winding down

The weather here in southern Wisconsin has been absolutely gorgeous this week. I love it. It comes right after I journeyed back to southern Illinois last weekend, where the weather is not nearly as pleasant. I was glad I didn’t have any plans to work out when we were there because it certainly wouldn’t have happened.

Summer is coming to a close. School starts here next week and my schedule becomes a little less busy. I wonder what’s in store for the fall?

Fall is my favorite time of year here. I’m really hoping Doug and I can go to Devil’s Lake when the leaves change color. I haven’t been there during the fall in years.

Football is starting next week, which of course means Sundays at home with a pot of chili. I’m looking forward to a not-so-hectic schedule. The constant running around of the summer has worn me down. I thought August would slow down, but it didn’t. So far it looks like September will slow down.

And of course I’m also really excited to run my fall half marathon and other races. The only negative thing is that as the fall progresses, I’ll have to move my workouts inside again. I’m not sure what I’ll do once that happens.

This weekend Doug and I have many fun things planned. One more crazy and hectic running around weekend. But it will all be fun. We’re going out with friends on Friday night, watching our Badgers first game on Saturday, going to the Taste of Madison and the final show of the Mad-City Ski team on Sunday, and then to the Brewers game on Monday. Crazy busy, but fun. And after this weekend? Not much.

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Time for a diet change

I had a great weekend. And really, I didn’t eat THAT badly, except for all the beer I drank on Saturday.

But now I’m yet again starting the detox process. My diet break is in its ending stages. I’m going back to my diet for three weeks until I see the nutritionist again, but then I’m changing my approach, maybe.

I’m going to switch to maintenance for awhile. I’ve been stuck at 165 for at least three months now. Yeah, I’d love to get down to that illusive 145 to 150 mark, but I’m starting to think my body is just content at 165.

Yes, I’m still overweight according strictly to numbers, but I think its OK considering my fitness and activity level.

Of course, I’m not completely sure how to approach maintenance. I’ve never done it before! I’ve always been gaining or losing weight, which scares me a bit.

So I have three weeks until I see my nutritionist. And until then I’ll go back to my carb-counting ways. I’m also changing up my workout routine a bit too. Instead of running four days a week I’m cutting back to three, and then I’ll cross train three days a week too. My cross training will probably be two days of spinning and one day of swimming.

Changing up my workout is the only thing I can do at this point to see if I can lose a few more pounds. Of course I may change my mind about maintenance if I start losing pounds again, but the specter of maintaining my weight will still be there.

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One more month

Only one month to go until the race and I am pumped. I got through my latest injury worry without missing training and I’m feeling strong as ever!

Two more weeks of active training and then I’ll have two weeks of taper. Then the race! I’m really excited to see what I can do now. I’ve enjoyed seeing the improvement in my race times and I know I will beat my previous time in this half.

I discovered a race time calculator on the internet where you put in a recent race time and it predicts your time in other distances based on that time. Based on my last 10-mile time of 1:53:05, the calculator predicted my half marathon time to be 2:31! That would be almost 10 minutes faster!!

This weekend I’ll get a nice break from working out. I haven’t taken any real rest days in almost two weeks since last week I took two long walks instead of completely resting. I’ll enjoy seeing all my friends and the merriment that goes along with it and then its back to the grind for my last month of training!

It really is a shame that I can’t really commit to another big race until next summer. But there’s just no way for me to get the training I need, not to mention I can’t actually race until its warmer anyway. I don’t know when a full marathon will come on my radar, maybe within the next year. Or maybe I’ll just do halves for awhile longer. But I don’t have to decide this right now. For now I’m enjoying the process and then the race itself.