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As is the case anytime travel is looming, the next two days look to become very busy.

A big part of those days will be my long run either tomorrow or Thursday. I doubt I’ll have time to exercise in Carbondale and if I had been running a lot more recently I might just skip it. But with my injury concerns and then shoe delays my training lagged a bit. I only have three weeks left, including this week, of training before I taper!

So with all the mundane tasks to be completed before traveling, I have to spend about three and a half hours running. One hour one day (like 5 miles) and then about two and a half hours the other (my long run of 10 to 11 miles). Running sure is time consuming!

My goal will be getting up earlier to get it done first thing, especially since its heating up here again. But that doesn’t ever seem to happen, so we’ll see.

For this trip I doubt I’ll have any exercise time, not that I would want it down in southern Illinois in the summer. When we were there in February I did go for a run, it was my first outdoor run because Carbondale is that much warmer than Madison… which is the reason I’d probably skip it this weekend. Summer in Carbondale is hot.

Instead of running, more time will be spent eating and drinking… good times. My diet break will likely have to be done after this weekend, but it will be a great way to end it!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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