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I love the foam roller

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Its exactly what it sounds like – a big cylinder of hard foam. And you roll various parts of your body on it to massage your muscles and work knots out and stuff like that. I’ve tried it twice on my IT bands and it is wonderful!

Hurts like heck though to start with. I have/had a lot of knots in my upper legs!

Yesterday I used it for the second time and it hurt to begin with, but started to feel good. My IT bands were sore after and through the night, but it wasn’t pain. And this morning I didn’t feel a thing in my IT band area. Yay! I don’t have one of my own yet, I’ve been using the ones at the YMCA. But a foam roller is on the horizon when I get paid next week.

So this development has caused me yet again to wonder if I really need to make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. A friend of mine shared her IT band PT exercises with me, not to mention the exercises I already do for my achilles. And with the results from the roller, this IT band thing is starting to become less of a concern to me. For now I don’t think I’ll make an appointment, though I’m going to make an appointment to see my primary doctor, so maybe I’ll ask her about it.

I ended up going on my long run today, though I got a late start. I ran 11 miles in just under two and a half hours and I haven’t been as tired as I was after the 8-miler on Sunday.

The problem with the late start is that with such long runs I don’t have time to do anything else before going to work. Luckily my to-do list before this Carbondale trip is shorter than usual, or I wouldn’t get it all done.

Anyway, I guess I needed the sleep because I slept later today than I have been lately. I got up at 11 and started on my run at 12. Got home around 2:30 and showered, then tried to take a little nap. Unfortunately time ran short and I only napped 20 minutes and then I took on the task of cutting up a watermelon, eating my lunch and making my dinner simultaneously. That was fun.

But the IT band feels good. I’m glad because I didn’t have time to ice it before going to work. Its got that sort of bruised feeling right now but its not painful at all. Tomorrow I’m going to probably use the treadmill at the gym so I can do some leg weights/exercises and use the roller again.

I’m still feeling good about training and life in general right now. I think I might get to this race without another major injury! Crossing my fingers…


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