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Yesterday I ran a 13-mile long run and it went surprisingly well. I’m glad because my runs hadn’t been all that great this week. I was afraid I was burning out, overtraining and all that. Really I hadn’t been following some of the fundamentals, so it was my fault they weren’t that great.

I finally ate a good breakfast before my run, which was the main thing. A lot of the time even if I do eat a good breakfast, I wait too long to go out. I ate my oatmeal and went out right away.

Another thing is my fuel during the run, which is really important on the long runs. I prefer sports beans because they taste better, though they do take longer to eat. But the gels are faster and really, they are more effective for me. So I’ll go with the gels.

One more thing is that I really love my running skirt, but I get really bad chafing anytime I run more than six miles in it. I have never gotten around to trying body glide. Anyway, yesterday I ran in capri pants and that made a world of difference.

So I’ve come to a conclusion about my taper. I’ll still do a long run next week on Wednesday or Thursday, but it will be nine or 10 miles. I see no reason to do another 13-miler since this one was so good. So I’ll do nine or 10 and then the next week I’ll do my regularly scheduled taper.

After a sub-par running week, I’m really excited again.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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