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What’s different about this half marathon

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I finally figured out why I’m so much more excited about this half marathon. There are the obvious reasons: I’ve already done it once so I know what to expect, I’ve trained well with no injury issues, I didn’t have to worry about fundraising this time around.

But the bigger reason is this is the race I’ve trained for. I was excited for San Diego, but still disappointed that I dropped to the half. I treated it like a failure even though I did not fail at all. So I raced and finished and I was happy with that. But it was colored by that disappointment.

Another thing is that in San Diego, the half marathon wasn’t an “official” race. It was for TNT participants only and all we did was run up to the 13.1 timing mat and stop. We walked over to the area on the side of the course and “ran” though another finish line to get our picture taken (and mine didn’t end up on the web site for ordering, which made me sad). We didn’t run through the big official finish line. In thinking lately I’ve realized that was disappointing as well.

But this IS the race I trained for and I get to run through the OFFICIAL finish line. And it helps that I’ve done trained so well and I’ve done this race before and know what to expect. I’m a broken record, but once again I will say, I can’t wait!!

Whats going to make this even better is that some of my family members are going to be there. Mom and Paul and maybe Jeni, Jacob and Jocelyn and maybe even my aunt Janet and uncle Chuck. It will be really cool having so many people cheering for me. People cheer for everyone at the race, but to have that many people there just for ME will be special.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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