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I finished last, but it was a great race

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Another great race for me!! It was the first one, so it was small. Consequently, I finished last. But I don’t care at all. I beat my old PR by almost eight minutes! My new 10K personal record is 1:05:40, whereas my previous time was 1:13:06. Sweet!

I will run this race again for two reasons: the pink shirt and the food! They had a ton of food at the end of the finish.

It ended up being the same course that I ran for the Diva Dash in July, run twice for the 10K. I was a little disappointed, mainly because I didn’t want to do two loops. But on the other hand it was a course I’ve raced on before and I set a new PR then too. Anyway, it was kind of funny how fast the first loop flew by.

I started out too fast, I knew I would. But I didn’t really slow down. I had considered trying to run as much as I could without walk breaks, but decided against it since I don’t want to stray from my routine. However, I ended up changing my intervals most of the race to running seven minutes and walking one. Thats the source of the new PR. I wouldn’t consider changing my intervals like that for the half marathon though. Especially not two weeks before. But I now know I can go that direction in my training if I want to.


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