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The 10-day forecast lies!

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Yep, right now it only has nine days. I guess I have to wait a day (or maybe just a few hours? Its only midnight) to get the first forecast for race day. Of course I know it will change, but I’m a little concerned about how cold it will be at the start of the race. Of course I will bring multiple clothing options, regardless of what the ultimate weather is.

For what its worth, the low on Sept. 20 is forecast at 52, so I would guess that at 8 a.m., or 5 to 6 a.m., when I’ll be getting up and going out to the race, the temp will be around that. Not too bad as long as the sun’s out. The Fight for Life 10K temp at the start was about 50 and it ended up being really nice. I have noticed I run faster in the cooler temps, it will just be annoying standing around waiting to start. I will just wear my jacket before the start and give it to Doug!


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