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That could be what the TNT runners experience tomorrow, as its supposed to start raining tonight and perhaps not stop until Sunday. But they’ll run rain or shine! Though I am pretty sure they won’t run if there’s lightning, which will make the support crew very important, I’m sure. We’ll go pick them up if something starts while they’re out.

I’m not sure how or if I’ll be notified if the run is canceled. I think if anything I’ll get an email.

In other weather news, now has Sept. 21 in its 10-day forecast and its not that good. High of 67 and a low of 50, with showers! At least its not predicting storms. But since I’m not all that experienced in racing in the elements I’ll have to figure out what to wear if the showers part of the forecast sticks.

Nine days til the race!! The taper was kinda messing with my head earlier this week but now I’m cool. I’ve had to runs this week of 5 and 6 miles. I also got three days of cross training, two spin class and today I went swimming. Tomorrow will be a rest day and Sunday I’ll probably have another 6-miler.

I’m not too sure about next week, if I’d just maintain the 5 and 6 mile runs or shorten to 3 and 4. I will run at least twice, but maybe three times before the race.


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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