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Its not like its been that long since the last time I ran, but I’m ready to get back out there. I’ve had to some great cross training workouts, but I want to get back on the road!

I’m surprised my legs still don’t feel completely recovered though. But they are recovered enough that I’ll go for a short run tomorrow and avoid a zero-mileage week. It will be a short run, probably 3 miles of intervals. I do want to work on running without intervals, but not my first run back.

All day today I wished that I was back in Appleton and that I could relive that incredible race! But if I were to relive it I would have run more effectively at the end to avoid my mini-meltdown from mile 12 to 12.5!

Last week I was thrilled to find that the weekend Turbo Kick class at the Y had been moved from Sunday evenings to Saturday mornings. Thats something I’ll get up early for! I had been nervous about doing a workout like that with my neuroma and achilles tendonitis, but I don’t need to worry quite so much now that the race is over.

I see myself running three days a week, spinning two and then going to Turbo Kick for that sixth workout of the week. I would probably rest on Fridays or Saturdays, depending on what’s going on.

I do still feel a little lost without a big race to train for. I’m not sure what my focus should be now. I do still have races coming up. One thing I would like is to build my mileage up for when I do start training for the full marathon. Maybe if I build my mileage well enough I’ll be doing the full instead of the half at Madison in May!

Right now my goal is to enjoy my remaining outdoor runs. I know they are numbered, despite the fantastic weather we’ve had this week. Hopefully we don’t go straight to winter this year.

If the weather is holding toward the end of October I may go ahead and sign up for the Berbee Derby. I’ve wanted to run that race even before I was training. Not really sure why, maybe its because of the commercials or the fact that its called the Berbee Derby.

But first I have to get that first run down!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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