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I finally had my first post-race run on Sunday. It was tough. I’m not sure why the first run after a big race feels like starting over. I ran 3 miles and I wasn’t sure I could.

It was nice doing more cross training last week. I am trying to decide on my plan for running without a big race until the spring. I was really delighted to go to Turbo Kick, so maybe cross training more will be part of that approach.

Today I had my second run and it was awesome. The weather was perfect, though a bit too windy. The temp was about 55 and it was cloudy. I was cold to start but I warmed up nicely and didn’t sweat too much.

Today I started experimenting with fewer walking intervals. I’d love to run an entire 5K and most, if not all, my 5-mile race in three weeks. I’ll just have to wait and see how the training goes. After taking the first walk break in the half marathon, I ran the next 4.5 miles, if not longer. So I know I can do it.

I ran 5 miles today. I did one run/walk interval for a warm up, and then I ran through three intervals, for a grand total of 22 minutes before walking again. It ended up being a little less than 2 miles. For the remaining 2.5 miles, I only stopped to walk twice! I think I can reach my current goals pretty easily.

Though I don’t feel like I’m starting over anymore, I think my appetite thinks its starting over. I’ve been pretty hungry today, but luckily I’m keeping it in check.

In a day of discoveries, I’ll add one more to the list! I’m finding I can run through the chest tightness that the cold causes, at least I could today when it was 55. But it was windy too, so more chilly than that. I ran 5 minutes to warm up this afternoon, walked for two minutes, and then I ran the next 22. So I’m starting to think I can run outside in colder temps. But now I’ll have to spend the money to buy the cold weather running gear. So I need to be sure first, but its looking that way.

I’m considering entering a 5K the week before the 5-miler. The 5K is in two weeks, the 5 mile in three. The 5K seems to be a pretty popular one, and its downtown. I love running downtown and I’ve never done it much on my own. I know I can run the race, the question is having the money to register for it!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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