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And hopefully my first race since the half won’t be as bad as my first race after San Diego – that one was the 10K on the fourth of July where I went out too fast and got cramps, among other happenings.

I’m looking forward to another race downtown. Its so pretty there, especially now that the leaves are changing. Part of it is along the popular lakeshore path through the UW campus. Its a similar route to the 5K I ran in March, so I kind of wish I was running the 10K for a little variety. But I’m focused on my 5K goal for tomorrow. I would bet I could switch races, but I am looking forward to the 5K.

My goal is to run the race under 31 minutes. I ran 5K “race pace” on Wednesday and did it in 30:54. I hope I can accomplish that time again or even improve it. I totally didn’t expect my 31:33 PR last time and I never expected to beat it but now I think I will.

The weather is going to be beautiful too. The hour-by-hour forecast on says 68 degrees at 10 a.m. and 71 at 11. The race starts at 10:30. I won’t get the deep freeze waiting for the start like I did at the Shamrock Shuffle, the last time I raced downtown.

And the highlight will be our brunch at the Great Dane after the race. Doug and I haven’t gone to the Great Dane for Sunday brunch in such a long time, so this will be quite a treat.


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