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New PR, but not quite my goal time

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The beautiful day Sunday was actually pretty hot for racing! Its funny because the October races start later since it is cooler in the mornings.

It was about 70 at the start but really humid. Ironically, this was probably my hottest race of the year. In waiting to start the Shamrock Shuffle on this same route in March my legs got really cold and that hindered my run. Sunday waiting for the start my feet got sweaty in my shoes and socks. Luckily that didn’t affect my run the way my cold legs did in March.

My feet didn’t affect my run, but the heat did. There were actually two water stops across from each other about a quarter mile from the turnaround. I skipped it the first time through but had to stop the second. I walked about 30 seconds for the water stop. So thats one reason I missed my goal time.

The second is that on the route there was construction in the middle of the library mall between State Street and Park Street where we turned. So we had to run around the library mall instead of through. So the course was a bit long. I set my garmin to 5K and it beeped almost a minute before I finished. And I don’t think I was that far off.

So yeah, my chip time was 31:23. I got a new PR by 10 seconds, so I’m happy about that. I am bummed that the elements kept me from reaching this goal. It seems kind of silly to be bummed about that. But I am.

The highlight of the race, making it my new favorite, is that they had Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cones at the end! And the other highlight was that I took Doug and I out to brunch at the Great Dane afterward. Now thats a good meal after a race.

I am likely entering a 5K on Nov. 1, so I will aim for an under-31 time then. I wonder what the weather will be like that day! This fall has been so all over the place, I hope its still nice enough to run. I’m not sure when to spend the money to register for this race or for the 10K on Thanksgiving Day. I know sometimes you sign up for a race and don’t run it and the money goes away, but I’d like to avoid that.

But I’ve handled the more chilly temps pretty well when I’ve run this fall. So I’m betting November will still be OK for racing. I probably will sign up for both races once I have the cash in a couple weeks.

Oh, and note to self: Don’t attempt a long run the day after a race, even if its just a 5K. Yeah, I felt so good at the beginning of my run yesterday that I went out 4.5 miles before I turned around, would have made it a 9-mile run. But between mile 5 and 6, my legs started yelling at me. Then at mile 7, they wouldn’t let me go anymore. It took a heck of a lot longer to walk those last two miles back to my car.


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