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I need a workout bad

My body is actually sore from my lack of working out. My back is sore, as are my legs. Though my legs might be sore because of my injury. Its more of a constant dull ache now instead of outright pain. I think thats because since it doesn’t hurt as much I’m not being quite as careful with my movements. I don’t think this is bad.

What is bad is my lack of movement! I am swimming on Monday no matter what. I NEED the exercise. I was afraid that after a long enough time without it, I’d never want to go back. But that is definitely not the case. My body does get achy when I’m not working out. I need to move and stretch my muscles and joints. Just not too hard for right now.

I’m hoping to buy a better swimsuit this week. I’ve been needing one for awhile now. But I have a little money right now and I’m going to be swimming a lot at least for the next month. So I’m going to try to buy one. And maybe some new goggles too. I’m not a fast swimmer. But maybe a better swimsuit will make me faster! That new suit made all those athletes break records in Beijing, right?

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Its been a month since my last run

And I miss it greatly. Talking more about the irony, my last run, a 6-miler on the arb loop, was so awesome, aside from the pain of what I thought was an adductor strain. I’m sure that awesome run made this stress fracture worse. It has now also been three weeks since my last exercise, turbo kick class, which I’m sure also made my injury worse.

I didn’t swim today. I slept too late and when Doug went to the gym, the pool was closed for some unknown reason anyway. I’m glad I didn’t waste a trip because I couldn’t have done anything else. I doubt I would try to swim this weekend. I’ve never tried to swim at the Y during the weekend, I don’t know how busy it gets.

I also haven’t quite gotten back to my diet, though I’m trying harder.

My stress fracture is hurting a bit right now, for no good reason. I didn’t do anything all that strenuous today. Doug and I decorated the Christmas tree. Maybe I just stood too long? This is really annoying. I’ve been waiting for the last several days for the pain to just go away, but it seems to remain as a dull ache. Maybe its better that way though. If it didn’t hurt at all, I would probably get ideas of exercise in my head.

I’m considering trying spin class next week, maybe on Thursday. I will just see if I can handle it at all and stop if I need to. I’m worried enough about this that I wouldn’t try to go through the pain. I’m only supposed to exercise 30 minutes at most anyway.

The last two weeks have been busy enough that I haven’t been able to become too lazy. I’m not staying up all night and sleeping all day or anything like that. I have wanted to, but all the activity has kept me from it. Hopefully next week I can get some element of exercise in to make my life seem normal again. I wonder how out of shape I am now?

I’ve been thinking about my physical therapy, wondering what it will be and how often I’ll have to do it. I think I will email my doctor next week and see what she thinks. I need to decide how much to put in my flex spending account for next year, and I’m sure a good chunk of that will be PT. I also wonder when it will start. My appointment is two weeks from Tuesday, the day before we leave for Carbondale. I wonder if I will get in between that trip and Christmas and New Years, or if it will be into January before I start.

Also, will I have to get another MRI to see if I’m healed, or will my doctor just declare it so after the prescribed amount of time? Is my healing going to take longer since I continued to exercise after the injury?

I am starting to wish this stuff would get out of my head. I have been controlled by my injury for the last week. It has improved a bit, but will it go away? Will I be consumed by this until I am recovered? I really hope not.

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Getting back on the diet wagon

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for many things, including the fact that I’m not injured worse. But I was still a little sad to not be racing this morning. It was really nice and sunny and almost warm. I have no doubt that the asthma would not have been a problem.

Instead I made my apple pie to take to my family’s dinner, where I stuffed myself to the gills. Tomorrow I’m getting back on the diet wagon. I know I didn’t do any significant damage during my week of abandoning the diet. But I can’t do it much more than that because it disgusts me. And the jeans I’m wearing today are a little tight. I’m sure its just the bloating from all that food, but still, I’m scared back to dieting.

Its good timing. With Thanksgiving over, we won’t have any sweets in the house this week. And I’m going to swim tomorrow. Hopefully I can have a few weeks of eating well before the birthday/Christmas celebration.

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Question of the day: Will I really wear a shirt from a race I didn’t run in?

When all was said and done, I’ve done my civic duty with this stress fracture. Two donations have been made, in the form of things I signed up for and didn’t participate in. My spin class, which benefits the Y’s Strong Kids Campaign, which ensures no child gets turned away from the YMCA. The other is the Berbee Derby. The race benefits the Technology Education Foundation.

But I found out today my money was well spent in addition to the donation, despite the fact I can’t run. I picked up my race packet at Fleet Feet Sports today, and I didn’t feel bad about it. I left my timing chip so I don’t have to send it back. And in my bag I got two shirts. The race shirt and a long sleeve Fleet Feet tech shirt. Both are nice shirts. The tag on the tech shirt said $30, and I basically got it from paying an extra $5 to register on the Fleet Feet team.

But now the dilemma: Will I really wear a shirt from a race I didn’t run? I suppose I will eventually. I am a big fan of the long sleeve t-shirts given out at the fall races. And no one has to know I didn’t race it.

I could have volunteered for the race. Then I’d feel OK wearing the shirt. But it was going to be tough to do the race and get home for Thanksgiving dinner anyway. And really, its a disappointment to me to be somewhere people are running when I’m not. Its dumb, but that’s the way I feel.

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My mood is OK, but my diet’s not

I managed to eat well for my first two weeks post-injury, but since last weekend that hasn’t been the case. I suppose the trade off is that I’m not terribly depressed. I guess the eating is my comfort for a little while? I’m not worried though. My weight has stayed steady since last spring, so a few treats now aren’t going to change it that much.

The pain I was having last week is diminished, but it is still present. If I press on the spot of the fracture it gets sore. And if I do walk a bit farther I do feel it a little bit. But I’m not as concerned as I was last weekend.

I am getting a little annoyed though when I have to get up and go somewhere. I enjoy my yoga class but I didn’t really want to get up for it this morning. I have shopping and baking to do tomorrow that I might not be real motivated for. I am still not enjoying my inactivity, but I suppose I’m getting used to it.

I’m starting to feel like I can swim any day now. I won’t have time tomorrow and obviously I can’t on Thursday, but I might try to go swimming on Friday. I need to do something.

It will suck to wake up on Thanksgiving morning and not go to the Berbee Derby though. Especially since the weather’s supposed to be really nice. I figure if I had been running, with proper apparel I could still be running outside. So I’m disappointed, but I will get there. Right now I’m feeling somewhat positive.

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The irony of it all

The weekend I got hurt was the same weekend I decided I could train for the Madison full instead of half and then run a full in the fall. I was pumped. I could get a good mileage base over the winter, I didn’t have to wait. The race was over six months away at that point. I was reading “A Race Like No Other” and making plans to run New York some day. I got two good runs in on the hotel treadmill in Detroit and everything was going great.

Ha. How things change.

All my injuries thus far affected my right side. My right foot kinda points out and affects my stride and I think that’s why. This injury is on my left. I find that weird. I don’t know if my current injury is influenced by the feet stuff or not. I guess thats for the PT to figure out.

I registered for the Berbee Derby before the early registration deadline. I thought I just had a muscle strain at the time. I thought I probably wouldn’t set a PR, but I should be able to run by that time. Now I’m glad I didn’t have the money to register for the Madison full marathon.

How things change. Maybe the real irony is that I was getting so confident that something was bound to come and knock me down. I didn’t think it would completely knock me back to last year though.

I had a bit of a triumph this morning when I figured out how to get out of my car without putting my full weight on my left side. Baby steps. Now I’m pretty confident I won’t need those crutches.

That triumph came as I did a water stop for the current TNT group this morning on their long run. As I sat in my car at Vilas Park waiting for the runners to come by, I was glad I didn’t have to run out in that cold, while at the same time jealous of those who were.

And a funny thing: The MRI machine is a big magnet. You have to answer all these questions to make sure you don’t have any metal in your body and you’re not supposed to wear jewelry. But wedding rings are OK. So I kept mine on and it was kind of odd because much of the time I could feel the magnet pulling on my wedding ring. Makes me wonder what would happen if I had forgotten to take my earrings out or had some metal inside my body I wasn’t aware of. I just thought that was funny. I’m trying to find the humor in the situation. It might be helping me cope. I haven’t decided yet.

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What now?

I might end up on crutches. Even if I don’t, I have no idea when I’ll be brave enough to try and swim, or do anything else for that matter. I don’t want to make this any worse.

I missed the call from my doctor yesterday. All the information I had was from her message. I asked her to call me back today and she did, which I appreciated a lot. I really like this doctor.

Based on our conversation, I know I will continue to do yoga. But what else I will do or when I will do it is beyond me.

All I can do is sit tight and wait for this thing to heal. And I need to be careful to not make this an all-the-way break (I can’t remember the actual term). I need to stay away from jumping and jarring activities, and nothing where I’m standing on my left foot, etc. I have to be careful of pain.

Crutches aren’t necessarily a requirement, in fact, my doctor said having some movement and walking is actually good to get the healing going. But if I’m continuing to have pain, I should go in to the clinic and get crutches. So now I’m nervously gauging how everything feels every time I stand up.

The biggest problem right now is still getting up out of my car. I am trying to push out of the car with my right foot as opposed to lifting out on my left foot.

It still hurts enough that I think crutches might be a good idea, at least for when I’m going somewhere I’ll walk around a lot like the grocery store. But I can see myself getting the crutches and not using them.

I didn’t think to ask about whether my exercise the first two weeks after the injury made the fracture worse or not. Just gauging how the pain changed those first two weeks makes me think it had some effect, especially considering the risk of worsening to that all-the-way break that I’m afraid of now. I’m really glad I decided to just stop exercising all together.

I’m getting over it OK. I’m still disappointed. I’m not crying or anything but I have a lot of sadness and anger. It seems silly, but that’s how I am right now. It could be awhile before I’m running again at all, and even longer til I run like I did during and after Fox Cities. It just sucks. I was running the best I had so far! So I’m sad and angry.

The pain seems to diminish when I’m off work and not doing much. So I’ll take it easy tomorrow and then relax Sunday and Monday. After that I’ll decide what to do next, whether I get crutches and/or when I can swim. Maybe that will be next week. I hope its next week. One thing I probably will do is more yoga. I’ve enjoyed the classes I’ve done so far so I could invest in other classes. I certainly have the time for it.