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I can’t run for probably two weeks because I hurt myself. But I didn’t do it running. No, not me. I hurt myself in a bar!

Its one thing to not be able to run because of a running injury. Its entirely different to have an injury not related to running, or working out even, at all.

Doug and I went to Detoit last weekend to see the Redskins play the Lions. Sunday night we decided to get drunk in the hotel bar. I’m not sure what I actually did, I was like moving to sit down or shift my position or something, and I pulled something in my leg. It hurt a good deal. It was sore coming home on Monday, but I didn’t feel it at all on Tuesday.

So I went for my normal run on Wednesday and I felt it a bit during the run, but nothing that concerned me. Well, after I was done and I went home, as I was showering and getting ready for work, my leg started hurting progressively worse. By the time I left for work, about an hour and a half after my run, I could barely walk.

Working that night was pure hell. I cried twice. So I went to the immediate care clinic on Thursday and its just a muscle strain. It hurt so bad I was convinced it was something worse. I’d hate to feel a muscle tear, thats for sure.

So there’s really nothing to treat it, I just have to let it heal on its own. I’m not exercising through the weekend and then next week I’ll cross train. I’m not sure when I would try running again. It felt OK before I started running on Wednesday and look what happened. I figure I’ll wait a week and a half to two weeks.

But it seems to be the trend with me that the weather just becomes incredible when I can’t run. It was close to 70 degrees here today and its supposed to be the same through the weekend and into next week. Its not fair. Why can’t it still be cold and cloudy like how its supposed to be this time of year? I’m assured it will be that way once I can return to running, whenever that is.

So next week I’ll be back in the pool again. Its likely I can return to spin class, which I had to skip on Thursday. At least I’ll start my new yoga class next week. That will be one exciting part of my workouts for the next week. I haven’t really missed the exercising too much in two days, but by time the weekend’s over, I’ll be ready to do something. Its really upsetting because I gained another pound and a half this week and I’m not exercising for FOUR days. Yeah, we’ll see how that turns out.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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