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Its been almost a week since I ran or even got any decent exercise. I’m not sure whats going to aggravate my leg.

Yesterday I went swimming, my first exercise since last Wednesday. My leg got a little sore during the swim and it stayed sore through the evening. Nothing bad, no sharp pains or anything. But it concerned me enough that I skipped spin class this morning so I could go to yoga. I figured both would be too much and I’ve been looking forward to starting yoga.

The yoga was pretty good for my first time. I took a pilates-yoga class a long time ago, but not real yoga. I’m not very flexible and I’m not particularly good at breathing through my nose, but I figure I will improve at both those tasks. I actually did feel a bit more loose and relaxed afterward.

Now my leg is barely sore at all. I’ll probably swim tomorrow, though I don’t swim fast enough to get my heart rate very high, and then spin Thursday. I’ll try the elliptical toward the end of the week and I’m hopeful to go to turbokick on Saturday.

I’m still going to be nervous about running again. I decided I’m going to wait a full two weeks even though my leg really is better. It seemed better last Wednesday too, and see what happened. The elliptical will be similar enough to running that it will get me through the next week and then I’ll see where I am.

As much as this sucks, I have been thinking it might have been good to take an extended break before I start my full marathon training.

Since my leg is feeling better I’m going to start doing my leg exercises again and I’m hoping to do a little weight training too to get a start on training. I’m sure by the time I can run next Wednesday I’ll be stuck inside again… its been so nice this week and as tempted as I am since the leg is feeling better, I won’t do it. Two full weeks to prevent further injury!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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