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So I got an email today informing me that registration is now open for the Madison Marathon! If I register before the end of the month it will only be $60.

I am completely sure I want to register for the full marathon, but I don’t know when I can. It just depends on when I will have the money. I have so many lists of things I need to save my money for. Christmas is coming up and I wanted to get a windbreaker for the Berbee Derby, and I also need a new pair of running shoes.

From December through February, the fee goes up to $75, and then after that it keeps going up. I will definitely register before February. I could just wait til after Christmas. Then again, if I am one of the first 6,000 to register, I can get a hat! I love running hats so this appeals to me.

**Edited to add: I just looked up in last year’s results, and there were 4,000 finishers in the half and full marathon… so I will guess I can wait til after Christmas and still get the hat.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Registration is open

  1. Jessica, Sorry to read about your stress fracture in the runner’s world support group. I too have had both a inferior and superior stress fracture of the pubis ramus. I got mine early August but did not get an MRI until mid Sept. to confirm it. I was doing better in mid- October and tried a little running but it all came back. I am kind of bummed out right now. I read the closer to the center of your body the longer the healing time. I have been walking, deep-water running, and arc trainer workouts but still miss the running. You are much younger than me so you will heal faster than I will I am sure. I am 56 and have just been running for a year with my husband. I had only done one half marathon and felt so accomplished so I really don’t feel like giving up on the running. My husband did 4 marathons this year and we have made such good friends running that it makes me sad to not be able to join in. I truly hope you will have a fast heal and be back running soon. Debbie Combs/

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