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Today was the day I had hoped to get back to running again. Instead, I haven’t done anything in the last four days, and I doubt I will do anything until I see the doctor on Tuesday.

My injury hasn’t gotten any better. In fact, most of the time its the same or worse. And its not piriformis syndrome as I’ve written here before. I think that muscle has been affected, but the bigger problem is my hip joint itself. I have no idea what happened.

I don’t know if the cross trainig I did last week made it worse or if it would be like this regardless. Right now if I walk around more than just a few steps it hurts.

Its also aggravated by crossing my legs, even if I cross the non-injured one. Movements that put my full weight on my left leg are particularly painful. The worst time is getting up out of my car.

The act of getting myself ready for work, driving there and sitting at my desk makes my hip and sometimes entire leg very sore. Because I’m walking all over the house, up and down stairs and then getting out of the car.

Whats really frustrating about this is it seems like if I stop my activity long enough it should go away. This isn’t. I really wonder how big a problem this could be. And even if the pain does go away, I’m still keeping my appointment. I would be afraid to do anything before seeing the doctor even if the pain did go away.

I made a sports medicine appointment and I was very surprised to get in next Tuesday. I made the appointment Monday. When I made my first appointment for my neuroma/tendonitis, I waited five weeks. Maybe the fall is a slow time of year, I guess. In the mean time, I’m resigned to not exercising. Considering that walking more than a few steps hurts, I don’t know what exercise I would do.

Until then, I’m trying not to get discouraged. But my day is pretty boring without exercising! I don’t have much to do other than that.

Luckily its already Wednesday. And I have an appointment at a free sports medicine clinic at Fleet Feet Sports on Saturday. That won’t be in much detail, but I’m hopeful that will shed some light on what’s wrong. Or it might get me more frustrated. I just have to wait it out.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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