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And I still don’t know what’s wrong. It was a lengthy appointment with plenty of jostling and pushing and bending, and my leg is plenty sore still at 11 p.m. But the doctor said she couldn’t pinpoint a muscular cause to my injury. She said it could be because the muscle is healing. But she also said she’s concerned about a stress fracture, so I have an appointment for an MRI Thursday morning.

I had xrays of my hip today, and nothing came up on them. But I already know that a lot of the time stress fracture doesn’t show up on the xrays, until the fracture is already healing. The MRI will show everything.

It could still be a muscle strain, I think the most likely is the adductor. Its my adductor that hurts right now. But I still feel the joint pain in walking and certain positions. Apparently muscle strains are really stubborn and like to stick around for a long time. If thats what it is, I’m still out of running for awhile.

My doctor was concerned about stress fracture either of the pelvic bone or the hip. Either one would mean I’m out of running 8 to 10 weeks, and I get to do physical therapy again. But I’m sure this PT will be a lot more intensive than it was for the tendonitis.

Oh, and I didn’t mention the best part (this is sarcasm here), my appointment is for 7 a.m.! WHY or WHY are there never appointments during the time of day I’m actually awake? I’ll have to get there at 6:30, and shower before that. I HATE showering first thing in the morning, its so cold! I might not to go bed Wednesday night. My only other option was 8 p.m. Wednesday, which I suppose I could have taken my dinner break during work. But Wednesday is early deadline night and if everything took longer than the half hour they say it will, that will be a major problem. So 7 a.m. it is.

So I guess my doctor will get the MRI results within 24 hours and then we’ll schedule a follow up appointment. I’m hoping this process will go quickly so I can get some answers. She said to email or call if I don’t hear within a few days. I suppose by middle of next week I would call. I hope thanksgiving doesn’t mess things up, though I suspect it will. I wonder how long it would be until my follow-up, holiday or not? It was only a week for the first appointment, so I’m hopeful.

As much as a stress fracture would suck, I would rather have it be that so I’d have a clear cut diagnosis. I don’t know what will happen next if nothing shows up on the MRI. Part of me wonders if its really necessary. The pain was starting to get better. And since its not as bad as it was, I don’t know if maybe I answered some of the questions inaccurately. But I guess its worth a shot. My insurance will cover the MRI at 100% since I’ll have it in network. So at least even if it doesn’t show anything, I won’t have to pay for it.

Unfortunately I’m already thinking I’ll have to push the full marathon to September. I doubt I have any running base left. I’m not even sure what kind of fitness base I have left since I haven’t worked out in a week and a half – and I’m not comfortable starting to work out again right now either.

Oh yeah, and obviously, no Berbee Derby for me. So I have made two donations this month. One to the Y’s strong kids campaign, since they don’t defer class registrations to the next session, and the other to the technology education council, or whatever is the beneficiary of the Berbee Derby. I guess I don’t mind that much. It was going to be tough to run the race, get to thanksgiving dinner and then home to work. Its only the first race I’ve signed up for and not run in. I do, however, want to still pick up my packet and stuff so I can still get my tshirt.

But could I wear it if I didn’t run the race?

I guess I’ve come a long way, if my biggest issue now is if I can wear a shirt from a race I didn’t run. We’ll see how long that lasts. Maybe a delayed follow-up could be a good thing.


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