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An MRI and a stress fracture

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I wanted to be coherant for my MRI this morning, so I stayed up after work. It worked out pretty well. I managed to sleep enough afterward so I could function at work tonight.

I was doubting if the MRI was necessary, but I guess it was. On that subject, I’m not a fan of MRIs and I sincerely hope they don’t become a regular occurence for me.

The focus of my MRI was the femoral neck, which is in the hip area, and my pelvic bone. And unfortunately, the MRI did reveal a stress fracture of my inferior pubis remus, at the bottom of my pelvic bone.

I’m glad to have an answer, but disappointed too. I’ve been going over in my head trying to figure out what I did wrong? I have recently been trying to run more without walk breaks, I stopped birth control last summer (stress fractures are sometimes tied to a lack of estrogen production), I ran too frequently or too fast? But I know I can’t figure that out. It was likely any combination of things, some I could have controlled, some I could not.

On another level, I wonder if running is worth it with all the injuries I’ve had in this one year of training. This is of course the most severe, but I can’t forget the neuroma, achilles tendonitis and the IT band irritation that luckily never became a huge problem. I have great insurance, but I still spent a couple hundred dollars at least for copays to take care of all that. And I have probably a lot more PT coming up for my stress fracture than I did for the tendonitis.

For now I’m out of running at least five more weeks. My doctor said it would be at least eight weeks total. All I can do right now is let the bone heal. I could try swimming or spinning as long as its not painful during or after the workouts, and only 20 to 30 minutes. I have a follow up appointment in a month where I’m guessing we’ll discuss rehab and PT.

I have googled my injury, and while there’s plenty on stress fractures, there’s not much on mine. What I did find, however, suggests this is a tough injury to heal from. I wouldn’t be surprised if my non-running time ends up longer than eight weeks. I am still having pain from Tuesday. Really, I think its just pain from walking around since it lessened quite a bit last weekend when I didn’t do much. I’m still going to wait a few days before I try any working out. And I’ll probably stick with just swimming for awhile.


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